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Bepannaah 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update

Noor Joins The Wrong Job


Bepannaah3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update, Bepannaah Written Update on

Bepannaah 3rd September 2018 Episode Start With Zoya says I wont let you blame Aditya like this. Arshad asks him if she will still not believe it if she finds out that Aditya only intended to attack him today. Aditya swears on Zoya. I had no idea about this attack. Zoya tells him he need not swear. I trust you more than myself. I know you cannot stoop so low. Anjana gets worried that Zoya and Aditya are instead coming closer. Arshad says something aren’t the way they appear. Aditya is completely different than what you see. You don’t know his truth. Zoya declines. He is as vocal about things that bother him as no one else.

I know Aditya better than anyone else and he knows me better than anyone else. Arshad reasons that she would have known something about him too in the past days. Look in my eyes and tell me if I can blame anyone just like that. Zoya clears that she has no interest in looking into his eyes. Secondly, I am again telling you I trust him more than myself. He cannot do anything like that. You are nice and sorted but surely mistaken here. I dint expect it from you. He says the same to her. You are blinded by Aditya which is why you cannot see the truth. She calls it her truth. If our truths are so different then I will end this matter of 2 weeks right away. I don’t want to keep any relation with you – neither of friendship nor of marriage! Our paths are different from here on. I bid you adieu and free you from this relation! Wasim says you don’t know what you are saying. Zoya stands next to Aditya. Whoever will come between me and Aditya, will have to take the other way out.

The interviewer returns Noor her credentials. She begs him to give her this job. I can do anything for this job. He remarks that the youngsters don’t think before saying anything these days. She suggests him to hire her on probation for a month. He agrees. We meet tomorrow sharp at 9 am. She agrees and leaves.

Arshad accepts Zoya’s decision gracefully as promised. He begins to go when Wasim asks Zoya to apologize to Arshad right away. Zoya outright refuses. I always try to support you but I wont be able to do this today. Please. Arshad says these are matters of heart. No one can control heart. Let it be. Maybe this wasn’t destined to happen. Anjana looks miffed. Arshad leaves with his mother. Aditya turns to Zoya. Why did you say all that to Arshad? She accepts she shouldn’t have spoken to Arshad like that but I couldn’t take it as he pointed fingers at you. I know you can never stoop to that level. You had no idea about anything going like that. He nods. There is something though. She does not let him complete. I don’t want to hear anything further. Wasim takes Zoya with him. Zoya tells Aditya she will call him later. He nods. Harsh thanks all the guests for coming. Guests leave. Anjana is irked that her game ended up in Zoya’s favour.

Noor is waiting for auto when her new Boss offers to drop her. She sits in the car reluctantly. He clicks some of her photos without her knowing and finds out where she is heading to. He does not take his eyes off her photos. She steps down from the car. He reads out her stats to himself. What a figure!

Noor finds Huda House all empty. She notices Arjun there and decides to surprise him with the news. Arjun meets her. She tells him that it was a good day. He tells her that so much happened today. you would have known if you had picked my calls. She says I am here in front of you now. He asks her if every time things will happen the way she likes them to. I don’t feel like talking to you right now! She leaves in a huff.

Wasim questions Zoya as to why she broke the engagement. Zoya points out that it dint happen yet. He is all the more irked and taunts her for choosing Aditya. I dint love you less but maybe you have no idea how to behave. She turns to go on which he rebukes her further. Stop. I am not done. She knows he has made up his mind against her and Aditya already. What’s there to talk?

Aditya is lost in thoughts. Anjana asks him what he is thinking. Aditya says I am wondering what’s going on. I cannot understand what and why people think about us like that. She tells him to believe in himself. People will say anything. You know your truth. He gets thinking. She asks him why he is so bothered because of Zoya. Try to understand. She isn’t right for you. he insists she only is right for him. She was the only one who defended me in front of everyone and supported me. She even broke her alliance for me. Anjana says Arshad might have done that to blame you. Aditya dismisses that thought. He is a doctor. He saves lives.

Wasim tries to talk to Zoya. She asks him if he will make her marry someone against her wish. He calls himself helpless seeing the direction in which she is going. She knows he does not like Aditya. I wont even force you to like him but also please don’t force me to like Arshad. She heads to her room. Noor returns home. Wasim scolds her for wasting too much time outside. Neither of my daughters listen to me!

Next morning, Aditya asks the nurse to let him meet Arshad. She speaks of hospital rule but he tells her he knows him. She gives him Arshad’s address. He thinks it is important to explain to Arshad that he is mistaken. I dint intend to hurt you.

Arshad comes to Siddiqui House. Zoya is surprised to see him. He tells her he dint come here on his own. Wasim adds that he has called him here. He invites Arshad inside.


Bepannaah 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Zoya tells Aditya that Arshad and Abbu are misunderstood. It is that! Aditya says it is that I am in love with you. She stops in her tracks realising what he just said and looks at him stunned. He repeats that he has fallen deeply in love with her.

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Bepannaah Details

Bepannaah (English: Unguarded) is an romantic thriller and drama TV series.The Serial is produced by Cinevistaas Limited. Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopra are in lead roles, with Sehban Azim and Namita Dubey in supporting roles. The show is telecasting from 19th March 2018 on Colors TV.


Namita Dubey
Jennifer Winget
Harshad Chopda
Apurva Agnihotri
Shehzad Sheikh
Sehban Azim
Rajesh Khattar
Parineeta Borthakur

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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