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Bepannaah: Aditya’s love confession, Arshad turns negative for Zoya


Bepanah: Arshad (Tahir Shabbir) turns negative for Zoya joins hand with Anjana (Parineeta Borthakur)

Zoya slaps Aditya and Arshad. Zoya doesn’t want anyone to blame Aditya. Arshad blames Aditya for putting the glass pieces inside the Dahi Handi, which got him hurt. She slaps Arshad when he insults Aditya. Zoya proves that Aditya is her best friend and can’t do anything wrong. She shows her belief in Aditya. Zoya knows Aditya can never harm anyone. The arguments get high. Aditya gets happy that Zoya is defending him. Arshad provokes Aditya. Zoya asks Aditya if he has really hurt Arshad and stained their friendship.

Aditya tells Zoya that he loves her immensely. She creates a big issue when Aditya confesses love to Zoya. She slaps Aditya and thinks he has mistaken her friendship. She angrily takes a decision and tells Arshad that she is ready to marry him. Aditya receives a big shock by Zoya’s decision. Aditya is sure that Zoya will accept her love one day.

Anjana has found that Aditya had fallen in love with Zoya and is planning to propose her on Janmashtami and can’t let this happen.Anjana hates Zoya and had never liked her being around Aditya and now seeing their love and union is not digestible by Anjana.Anjana thus plans a mishap to stop Aditya from proposing Zoya and makes Arshad got hurt and Arshad bursts at Aditya.

Zoya slaps Arshad for Aditya,Zoya slaps Arshad for Aditya thus flopping Anjana’s plan of conflict amid Aditya and Zoya and rather opposite happens.

Arshad is irked as Zoya had slapped him for Aditya and now Anjana plans to take this opportunity and joins hand with Arshad to destroy Zoya.

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