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Beyhadh 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya warns Ayan to rethink many times before trying to harm her again. Ayan asks how did she win again. Maya says winning is her hobby and asks everyone to give their mobiles to her. She remembers Rajeev guarding her like a hawk. He drinks water. She sees glass strand and falls down. Rajeev asks not to try, she will not escape. Maya silently picks glass piece. Rajeev frees her mouth and feeds her water. Out of flashback, Maya says she just had to provoke Rajeev emotionally and he fell prey as usual. She tells Rajeev that he is not a man and Arjun is a man. Rajeev gets angry and walks towards her, she silently frees her hand and slits Rajeev’s throat with glass piece. She then kills him and says many came to kill her, but nobody could.

Maya continues her story and tells Arjun that she had to make Rajeev believe that Arjun wants to kill her and to Arjun that Rajeev wants to kill him and Saanjh, it was not difficult to convince them. She acts and shouts Rajeev don’t kill me, Arjun will be in trouble else. Arjun walks out and sees Maya and Rajeev missing. Saanjh asks him to do something and save Maya, else all their plan will flop. Arjun leaves. Maya comes out of hiding and attacks Saanjh. Arjun continues searching Rajeev. Maya takes locket from Saanjh’s neck and wears it. Arjun returns and does not find Saanjh. He shouts dusky, Rajeev, Maya. Maya comes and says yes, whom he is searching. Arjun holds her neck and asks where is Dusky, he will kill her. Maya says he can, if he kills her, her men will kill his Dusky. Inspector Ranveer with team comes just then. Maya warns Arjun if he sends her to jail or harm her, his dusky will die. If he wants to see his Dusky alive, he will do as she says. She orders him to pick Rajeev’s dead body. Arjun shouts if she is human or animal. She gives him blood stained knife and inspector Ranveer thinks Arjun killed Rajeev.

Maya says Arjun he knows rest of the story, poor Rajeev did good even while going. Arjun asks what she needs. She says him, his love, his breath, his life. He says she has to leave Saanjh some day. Maya says she does not need his love, she needs only him, her love is enough for them, nobody can come between them, not even Saanjh.

Arjun goes to his apartment terrace/Shanti spot. Maya comes and hugs him from behind and says without her, how will he get shanti. Arjun says with her, he will not get shanti. She asks what happened. He says he is having stomach ache. She says let us go to doc, she cannot see him like that, she will make him happy, Saanjh is in this city, where he is breathing. Saanjh is seen hidden in Ganesh’s idol factory. Arjun thinks wherever Dusky is, he will find her.


Beyhadh 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun acts as having severe stomachache and is rushed to hospital. He tells Suman that whole hospital team is with him, now he will find out Saanjh. Maya searches Arjun.

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