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Beyhadh 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Arjun tells Maya since she will be at home, he will take her car. She smiles and he leaves. She thinks he feels he is controlling her, but she is controlling him instead in her love and she will keep him occupied in luxuries and her love. She then goes to Jahnvi’s room and tells her that Arjun has adapted to their lifestyle so easily. Nurse comes and says she wants to go early as she is pregnant and need to go to doc. Maya smiles and excitedly congratulates her and says whenever she needs leave, she can tell her.

Arjun reaches office. Saanjh enters his cabin and says she wants to resign. He says she cannot without resignation letter. She gives him letter. He tears it and asks to get back to work. His friend enters and praises him that he knows how to handle women in his life and even business. Arjun says he does not look intelligent but read his mind well, he throws photos on his and orders to get back to work. Maya comes and hears his conversation She walks into cabin and takes him for lunch. She feels him lunch and asks what was that. he says nothing and says he is tensed as Saanjh wants to resign as she cannot work with her friend. Maya says she will speak to Saaanjh and sees Saanjh waving good bye to everyone.

Saanjh packs her belongings. Maya enters and asks why she wants to leave job. Saanjh says she cannot work with her friend. Maya says is worried that her love will come alive again, she can understand. Ayan calls Saanjh and asks if bhai is fine, maa did not eat anything and is waiting for bhai. Saanjh says Arjun is fine and she is leaving job. He asks if she leaves job, then who will take care of bhai. Maya switches on speaker and says she will take care of Arjun as she married him, she promises that she will convince maa.

Maa reaches Vandana’s flat and rings bell. Vandana thinks Arjun has come and happily peeps via door hole, but Maya keeps her finger on it. Vadana nervously opens door and sees Maya. Maya says let me come in. Vandana says she is not welcome here and closes door. Maya strikes hand in door and tries to forcefully open it. Her hand starts bleeding. Ayan and Saanjh come and ask Maya to take her hand out. Maya pleads Vandana to open door. Vandana opens door, pushes hand out and closes door. Maya then with Ayan and Saanjh goes down and holding boards plead Vandana to let her in. Neighbors gather and discuss rich Maya Mehrotra is so humble and Vandana is so arrogant. Vandana throws water on her. Maya continues pleading. Vandana throws garbage on Maya. Ayan calls Arjun and asks to come soon. Arjun reaches and sees garbage on Maya and cleans it. Maya pleads Vandana to let her in. Arjun warns if she comes here again, he will leave her.


Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun taunts Ayan that he is stepbrother. Ayan angrily holds his collar. Arjun pushes him to floor. Maya collapses. Arjun warns Ayan if something happens to Maya, he will not spare him.

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