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Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya returns home with Arjun. Vandana opens door. Maya asks if she is happy, Saanjh’s plan is successful. Arjun holds her hand and asks why. Maya excitedly Saanjh got engaged, now she will move away from Arjun. She continues taunting Vandana wrapped in words. Jahnvi comes and Maya says even she helped Saanjh find her destiny with Vandana.

Saanjh looks at Samay sitting with Suman. Shubh joins them. Suman takes selfie with Samay and says he is better than Saanjh. He says he just did not come from London for Saanjh and has some other secret. Saanjh realizes he is talking about Maya. Suman says let us go out and have ice cream. Saanjh says she is tired. Samay says he will spend some time with Saanjh. Suman walks out with Prem and Shubh and asks when did he romance like Samay and Saanjh last and says he has gone old. Samay walks towards Saanjh. Saanjh walks to her room and cries why did Samay betray her for Maya.

Vandana asks Maya what does she mean. Maya continues and says she made a mistake. Arjun asks what. Maya says she did not switch on AC and says when Vandana has made a mistake, she will be punished. Vandana gets tensed. Maya says she betrayed again. Arjun asks what betrayal she is talking about.

SSamay enters Saanjh’s room and hears her conversation. Saanjh asks why did he betray her, what did she do to her. Maya troubled them so much. He lost her trust now. She will not accept defeat though easily and will not break down. She will tell his and Maya’s truth to Arjun. Samay closes door and asks is that. Saanjh warns dare not to frighten her, she is not afraid of him. Samay says still there is 30 min for her family to return and shuts her mouth. She resists.

Maya asks Vandana if she thought she would not know that she gifted Ganapati to Saanjh, but Ganapati is with her always, though she left him. She makes Vandana sit and says she knows she has problem with Saanjh, then why did she do this. She is not mad, but people make her act bad and behave madly. Jahnvi presses beep. Maya brings tape, walks towards Jahnvi and tapes her hand to chair. Vandana gets more tensed seeing that. Maya says Jahnvi she is her mother, then why did she help others, she cannot leave her alone and starts emotional blackmail, requesting not to leave her alone. Door bell rings. Maya removes tape from Jahnvi’s hand and asks her to keep it secret. Vadana pleads Jahnvi to keep quiet.

Maya opens door and sees Samay, asks what is he doing here. Samay says everything is finished. She asks what did he do. He reminisces shutting Saanjh’s mouth and says she wanted to tell truth to everyone. Whatever is seen is always not true. Saanjh walks in. Samay says Saanjh she wanted to know what is happening between him and Maya, she should ask Maya itself. He tells Maya that he did what she ordered him, but not anymore. If Saanjh thinks Maya and he are having an affair, it is true, he is with Maya.


Beyhadh 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh asks Maya if it is true. She says yes.Arjun hears that.

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