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Beyhadh 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun thinks wherever Saanjh is, he will find her out. Maya continues expressing her love for Arjun and says they will create their own world, she will not let him near anyone. They both sleep on terrace itself. In the morning, Arjun wakes up and sees Maya staring at her, asks why is she staring at him. She says she is fulfilling her 3 months’ desire. He gets up and she asks where is he going. He says temple to pray for maa. Maya says they broke up with god. Arjun says he is going to reconnect. She says her prayers are not heard. Arjun says because she orders and not prays. Maya says she will see if her prayers will be answered. They both reach temple. Arjun prays god to protect Saanjh. Maya blows off lamp and says she will protect her and not god. Arjun says she did wrong, let us go to Jahnvi aunty. Maya says she knows what he wants, he cannot get that.

Suman gets tensed for Arjun as he went with Maya and says she is worried for evern Saanjh. Maya enters with Arjun. Suman asks Arjun where they both went, why Arjun was not picking call. Maya says Arjun’s phone is with her and not to stress herself much and raise her BP, who will take care of Saanjh then. Suman pleads her to show Saanjh’s video. Shubh says Maya please. Maya says bhabhi, even Ayan should call her bhabhi, Arjun as jaan and Suman as bahu. They all except Arjun plead her to show Saanjh’s video. Maya asks Arjun to plead saying jaan. Arjun does. Maya says she will show video with audio. She shows video in which goon orders Saanjh to speak. Saanjh asks duffer Arjun not to worry about her.

Arjun acts as having stomachache. Maya with others get him to hospital and ask doc how is Arjun. Doc says it is appendicitis and takes Arjun to operating theater. Maya pleads please cure her Arjun. Ayan yells because of her evil shadow, bhai is suffering. Suman asks him to calm down and says she is going to temple to pray for Arjun. She clashes with nurse who gives her a note in which Arjun writes that he has planned all this with hospital staff and nurse will tell her next move. Suman asks Ayan not to worry, it is just appendicitis, Arjun will be fine. She silently drops note in Ayan’s pocket and leaves. Ayan reads it.

Suman reaches Arjun’s OT. Arjun says Saanjh gave them clue and says Saanjh told about ganapati bappa and sneezed, if she has allergy. Suman says paint. He says she told bandar, that means she is around some painting area in Bandra. Hospital staff told surgery needs 2 hours, he will find out Saanjh by then. He says dusky told 108, Ahinsa Marg, Bandra, that means there is some ganapati workshop. Saanjh told to forget ego and pray ganapati bappa. He tells Suman that he will go out and search Maya in 2 hours. Nurse goes out and informs Maya that case is complicated and will take 2 hours. Maya thinks this is all because of her, she wants to see Arjun. Ayan and Shubh try to stop her, but she pushes them and leaves. She peeps into OT.


Beyhadh 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun beats goons and rescues Saanjh. Goon informs Maya that Saanjh escaped. Maya thinks her and Arjun’s morning will happen by sending Saanjh into darkness forever.

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