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Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Watch online Episode on

Saanjh tells judge that Maya’s husband Arjun told that Maya is self-reliant and can handle any situation, then why didn’t she handle this one. Arjun shouts Dusky, he did not mean that. Saanjh requests judge to explain Arjun to behave. Judge warns Arjun. Saanjh says Maya has so much security around her, then how can Ayan enter her house and try to rape her, unless Maya wants to. Arjun shouts Dusky. Maya shouts Saanjh Mathur, she is a lawyer here and not a friend, wherever friendship ends, law starts. She says her questions finished.

Arjun returns to Maya and touches her hand. She pushes his hand and says his family thinks she is wrong, reminiscing earlier incidents. Arjun says she is not. Saanjh calls Ayan’s fiance Simran into witness box and asks if Ayan can rape. Simran says Ayan is so well cultured that he does not touch his fiance without her permission, this is a false case. Saanjh questions Simran’s parents and even they say Ayan is a good boy and this case is false. Maya gives Ayan’s friends and relatives’ statements and says everyone believe Ayan is a good boy, he is a good fiance, good son, good friend, and looking at Arjun says good brother. She then calls Arjun into witness box again. Maya’s lawyer objects, but Maya says rich people get tired sitting in one place, so she wants Arjun to stand. Arjun comes into witness box. Saanjh says is it true he beats his wife. Maya fumes and shouts this is not true. Saanjh says she was crying just now and now reacting. Arjun signals her to be quiet. Saanjh just her house, even court has CCTV cameras and her moves are recorded. Maya’s lawyer requests her to sit and sits. Saanjh asks Arjun if he beats his wife. He says this is wrong and they proved it in press conference. Saanjh says they even announced Maya is pregnant, then what happened. She gives Maya’s pregnancy report and says it was false statement and Maya is not pregnant. Maya does what she likes. Maya sits fuming.

Saanjh continues and tells Arjun that means that press conference was wrong and pregnancy news was fake, Arjun lied. Maya stands and shouts enough now, Arjun did not lie. She predicted her pregnancy wrongly, child is not in her fate and says pregnancy kit showed false report and describes about earlier report where Saanjh pushes her and she loses her pregnancy. Saanjh asks her to sit now and tells Arjun that he hates his wife so much that he does not want to go to London for 3 days with her, he revealed Ayan that Maya spies on him 24 hours. Arjun reminisces incident. Saanjh asks to speak. Arjun says this is true, Maya’s eyes are on him in bathroom, bedroom, washroom, everywhere for security reasons as they are rich people and Maya is worried for him. Saanjh says so much that CCTV recording is not with police and any security agent, but with only Maya. That means, it is Maya’s obsession. Arjun asks why is she exposing what he told her. She asks to repeat loudly so that everyone can hear. Saanjh says Maya wants to control Arjun’s life and can go to any extent, even can prove rape on her. Arjun says Maya is not lying and any woman would not fake her rape, if her questions are finished can he go. She asks judge to tell Arjun that he cannot go until she permits and says what was he doing when rape was attempted. Arjun says he was sleeping. Saanjh says how can he sleep when his wife was being raped, asks judge to note down the point, says Arjun he gets very deep sleep. Arjun says he was drinking with Ayan. Saanjh says when he was asleep, then how does he know Ayan tried to rape Maya, it proves he is repeating what Maya told him. Ayan says he heard Ayan telling he will forget that Maya is his brother’s wife. Saanjh asks that means he heard everything and asks then why did not he come out, if his wife tied him to a bed.

Arjun says reminisces being tied to bed, says he was not tied and was heavily inebriated. Saanjh asks to decide if he was inebriated, sound asleep, or heard everything. She tells truth is Arjun met his family after 3 years and when Maya came to know about it, she made drama and crash landed from flight. She describes whole incident in detail, how Maya reached Arjun’s house in ambulance, took him, gave hypnotic injection, took him home and tied him to bed. Ayan went to rescue Arjun, Maya hid room’s key in her blouse, Ayan tries to get it, etc.. in complete detail. Vandana and Suman widen their eyes in a shock.


Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Saanjh tells Maya that she is a low class woman and her truth is naked now. Maya says she will show naked truth and drops her clothes. Arjun shows Maya. Everyone present in court are shocked.