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Beyhadh 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Samay looking at Maya’s pic in his mobile says Maya is right about love, he has become her disciple. He goes into flashback where he holds Maya and asks what is love. She says she cannot show love’s truth to him. He asks if she can give something. She asks to ask with love. He playing with her says he needs her life, if she can give her life. She walks out and gets petrol. He walks behind her. She pours petrol on herself, fires match stick and drops on petrol. Samay holds it and says from today Maya will rule him and her name will be on his life, he loves her. She takes back match stick and asks promise. He says promise.. I love you Maya. Mays smirks. Out of flashback, Samay continues looking at Maya’s pic.

Suman asks Saanjh if she trusts Samay. Saanjh says yes, she knows Samay well now. Suman says it is good then, more she loves Samay, more he loves her. She should not show her love to keep Samay under control, it is the best funda of successful marriage.

Arjun asks Maya what is she hiding, whom she was speaking to last night, he kept quiet as he does not want to doubt her, but he does not betrayal. She starts beating herself and says she is very bad, she made big mistake. He stops her and asks what mistake. She says Samay. He asks what Samay. She says Samay is her biggest mistake, his real name is Rajeev Randhawa. They know each other since 8 years. Arjun leaves her hands.

Saanjh says she does not want to marry. Suman says every girl gets nervous similarly, but has to move on from her parent’s house, Samay is waiting for her. Saanjh says now she will see if Samay will change or not. Saanjh goes to Samay’s place and thinks she has get Samay out of here. Samay comes and holds her from behind. She says she and mom cannot handle wedding arrangements, so she wants Shubh. She calls Shubh. Samay shuts her mouth and says if she thinks he does not know that she knows he killed her papa. If she does not marry him, he will kill Shubh and become her family murderer like family doctor.

Maya continues that Samay is more mad than her. He is marrying Saanjh to get her. He got obsessed with her 8 years ago. She thought he would not return, but Rajeev returned to get back his love. Maya says Rajeev’s obsession is beyond limits.

Samay continues that Saanjh identified his extent of love seeing his tattoo, but could not identify his intelligence seeing his face. It is a problem with junior lawyers, they think they are expert reading a few books, it needs experience. If she thinks their clash in London airport and in Mumbai is a coincidence. He is following her since Maya started loving Arjun. Saanjh asks if Maya is with him in all this. He says Maya is always with him, she used to control him, but now he is controlling her and will control everyone. Saanjh says wrong.

Maya continues that she thought Rajeev has moved on with a new name after meeting Saanjh, but she was wrong. She helped Rajeev getting selfish, but her selfishness ruined lives.


Beyhadh 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samay and Saanjh exchange garlands. Maya says Samay will kill Saanjh. Arjun says his dusky will get her duffer and walks. Maya runs behind him.