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Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

Arjun warns Maya not to come back to Vandana’s house, else he will break up with her. Ayan says Arjun let us go and talk inside home, whole society is watching them. Arjun shouts Vandana proved that she is step mother, so he will not come in. Ayan says maa loves Arjun more than him. Arjun shouts his maa died 15 years ago and one present is his step mother. Ayan continues pleading to let us go in and speak, but Arjun continues shouting. Vandana comes down and tells Ayan let us go in. Arjun continues that she showed her step mother nature. Ayan get angry and holds his collar. Arjun pushes him down. Maya collapses. Saanjh shouts Maya..Arjun rushes to Maya and warns Ayan and Vandana that he will not spare them if something happens to Maya and leaves in his car carrying Maya. Vandana says Maya played her game and took Arjun away completely. Saanjh says she is thinking wrong. Vandana says Maya wants Arjun to be dependent on only her emotionally, next is Saanjh’s turn and soon he son will be completely alone. Saanjh rushes to hospital behind Arjun.

Arjun rushes Maya to hospital. Doc checks her and says whatever happened to Maya will be with whole life. Arjun gets tensed. Doctor smiles and says Maya is pregnant. Arjun jumps in happiness and lifts Saanjh, shouts excitedly. He then thinks of informing Vandana, but stops. Saanjh suggests him to call Vandana, but Arjun does not.

Saanjh takes sweets for Vandana and informs that she became daadi and Arjun cool daddy. Vandana gets very happy. Saanjh tries to feed her sweet, but Ayan stops her and says bhai broke all relationship with them and they are strangers. He says Arjun himself would have called or come here.

Arjun happily congratulates Maya and then gets her discharged. He takes her home and excitedly informs Jahnvi. Jahnvi bats her eyes. Maya calls nurse who says she must have batted eyes hearing good news.

Arjun reaches office next day and happily distributes sweets to staff. Everyone congratulate him. His friend Vikram taunt that he is faster than rocket and consummated with Maya even before marriage that she became pregnant within few days of marriage. Arjun fumes and trashes Vikram. Maya comes and stops Arjun. Vikram shouts that he is behind Maya’s money. Guard throws him out. Maya asks Arjun to wash his hands and goes out to meet Vikram. Vikram says she does not know that Arjun is just behind her money. She says she knows what Arjun is more than Arjun himself and if he thinks of harming Arjun, he will pay for it. She comments to watch and walk, else accidents may happen.


Beyhadh 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikram meets with an accident. Peon informs Maya. Maya says life is stranger, they reap what they sow. Arjun listens to her.

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