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Beyhadh 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

Arjun is with Maya and he gets Saanjh’s messages. Maya fumes, but smiles. Saanjh goes to Vadana’s house and sees her crying seeing Arjun’s childhood clothes. She cheer her up and says she is Arjun mother and will always be. Vandana asks not to take Arjun’s side always. Saanjh says what to do she loves her best friend and cannot marry him. She cheers Vandana again that she is Arjun’s mother and not step mother. Ayan comes and fumes that Vandana will never accept Bhabhi and bhai will never come again. It is better he leaves this house and leaves picking his bike keys. Vandana asks Saanjh to stop him. Saanjh runs behind him. He gets on his bike and leaves. Saanjh also gets on her scootie and rushes behind him pleading to stop. A speeding vehicle rushes in opposite direction and Ayan falls.

Vikram walks on street after Arjun trashes and dismisses him from job, yelling he will not spare Arjun. Maya silently lifts hand brake of a vehicle and it rolls down and crashes Vikram. Peon rushes to Maya’s cabin and informs that Vikram met with an accident. She comments people reap what they sow, asks peon to inform finance department to pay Vikram’s bills. Arjun enters and feels surprised, says Vikram left just now.

Ayan falls down from bike and injures his hand. Saanjh scolds him and takes home. Vandana applies medicines on his wound and scolds she will beat him with slipper if he tries to elope from home again. Suman enters and scolds and takes Vandana along. Vandana asks him to take rest and leaves.

Maya prepares sumptuous dinner and prepares candle light table. Arjun asks if guests are coming. She says nobody can come between them. Arjun opens champagne bottle. Maya reminds his promise that he will not drink. Arjun says it is fruit juice. Maya says then it is good for baby and takes glass. Arjun promises that he will not drink until she restarts drinking. He gets someone’s call and tells he is coming in 2 minutes. Maya hears that and permits him to go.

Arjun meets Saanjh in a restaurant and asks why did she call him here. Saanjh requests him to patch up with Vandana. Arjun says never as Vandana does not respect Maya. He orders liquor and says he is becoming father. She says Maya many not like it. He says he promised he will not drink in front of her, so he can drink behind. Maya comes and sits at a distance and hears their conversation. Arjun continues gulping glasses of liquor and tells Maya he loves him. Maya fume hearing this. She goes home and blows candles with her bare hands.


Beyhadh 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya gulps glasses of alcohol. Arjun says it is bad for their baby. She says only her baby. He apologizes and promises he will not drink again.

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