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Beyhadh 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya cries in front of Jahnvi and says due to her mistakes, her Arjun went away from her. She asks if he bandar/unborn child will suffer because of her mistakes, Arjun went away from her and bandar, now they will be alone. Jhanvi shakes her hand in concern. Maya goes to home temple and seeing it empty without idol reminisces dropping idol in water. She says he is taking revenge as she threw him out of house, how can he, revenge is her duty. Jahnvi presses beep. Maya asks to tell god to give her one more chance, she will bring back Arjun in her life as she cannot live without him.

Saanjh says Arjun that Maya is trapping him again, she and Samay are together. Arjun says if she thinks Maya is behind Prem’s murder, Maya will not come in his life again and their relationship will end. He says let us go and search uncle’s murderer Samay, he knows where must have hidden. Vandana says she will not let them go, Samay is very dangerous. Arjun says when he shows his colors, Samay’s magic will not work. He wears Saanjh’s hand and walks out. Vandana calls inspector.

Maya opens door hearing door bell and sees panic seeing Samay. She says why is he here, it is his marriage, tries to close door, but Samay pushes her and opens door. Samay says when bride is here, how can he marry. He holds her and says Arjun went to his Saanjh, her Rajeev is with her, everything is perfect. Maya pushes him, shouts leave me, she told truth to Arjun. Samay says she told what she thins right and not real truth. He says he will call Arjun and tell his truth, then her real face will come in front of her. She snatches phone and says no. He smiles at her and says he needs a cup of tea from her, go and bring it.

Suman cries that she could not see Saanjh’s tears and was forcing her to marry Samay, what kind of a mother she is. She tells Vandana that she and Ayan tried to alert her, but she did not trust them. Vandana says Samay betrayed them all.

Maya brings tea for Samay and tries to add sugar cube. Samay stops her, puts her finger in hot tea. She writhes in pain. He sips tea and enjoys, says Jahnvi when whole world’s sweetness is in her daughter’s fingers, why will he need sugar. He asks how did she like her new son-in-law, if she should consider this alliance. Maya picks phone and runs out. Samay walks behind her and throws phone. She says no. He slaps her and she falls down, shouts her child. He says let us go from here before her dog Arjun comes. He drags her with her.

Arjun with Saanjh reaches Maya’s house and sees furniture shattered around. Saanjh sees Jahnvi on floor and helps her backon wheelchair. Arjun sees furniture and imagines how Maya held furniture when Samay dragged her and how he kicked Jahnvi to earth. He says Saanjh that Samay took Maya.

Samay drags Maya near a lake. She shouts leave me, my child. Samay asks why should he leave her. She shouts he only lusted for her and did not want her love, but her body. His love was not love but a dirty thinking and she hates dirt. He holds her and says she hates dirt, but used him to get her work done. She says this world and he taught her that until there is no benefit, nobody extends hand. She considered him as friend thinking he would get her out of her darkness, but with his dirty vision made her more dirty. She has only hatred for him. Samay says she gave him her evil, became good in front of Arjun and alleged him, what is in this goodness that is attracting her. She says it is Arjun who never misused her and shoot with her always, whole world saw a mad woman, but Arjun saw Maya and accepted all her evil and madness. This world misused her, but Arjun stood with her. She was never with Samay and loved only Arjun, Arjun is her dream, strength, her life. Samay gives her a tight slap and she falls down holding her tummy. He holds her hair and says he was mad behind her love, he loved her immensely. Though he came to her with bad intentions, even he went through bad phase in his life and loved her truly, but she betrayed him. She did not give him a chance to stand with her in her happiness and sorrows. They will from here far away from Arjun, Saanjh and Arjun’s child. Maya warns that he is making a mistake, whenever she will find a chance, she will kill him. He says she can kill him, but Arjun will get her evil truth, what will she do then. Maya says Arjun will never leave her even then, he does not know Arjun, once he holds hand, he will never leave till death.


Beyhadh 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun with Saanjh reaches Maya and Samay and warns Samay to leave Maya. Samay tries to jump from window. Saanjh says it is a wrong way. Samay says it is a right way and jumps from window with Maya.