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Beyhadh 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jahnvi slaps Maya and warns dare not to touch her daughter Saanjh, Saanjh fulfilled responsibility of a daughter instead of her. She says she got well to save Saanjh and reminisces seeing Maya creating havoc at hospital. She continues slapping Maya and says it is her mistake that she did not teach moral to her and gave birth to her, she is a blot on daughter’s name. Arjun sees bomb remote on floor and silently tries to diffuse bomb. Saanjh stops him and says it will burst. Arjun says trust him and let him diffuse it, it will explode even if he does not try. Jahnvi continues slapping Maya. Arjun checks bomb wires. Saanjh pleads to stop. Arjun asks her to trust him and pulls out wire, bomb stops ticking.

He takes out bomb jacket and throws it far away and hugs her. Jahnvi continues slapping Maya and says she should not have supported her thinking it is her illness, but she did mistakes purposefully, now she will kill Maya and correct her mistake and strangulates Maya. Arjun stops her and says if she touches thorn, she will be hurt, police will take care of Maya. Inspector Ranveer reaches with team and arrests Maya. Suman with Shubh and Ayan reaches and asks Saanjh if she is fine. Arjun asks how did they reach here. Suman says police were tracking Maya’s location. Maya tells Arjun that he is doing wrong, she does not share her things with anyone. Arjun says that is the different between her and Saanjh, asks police to take her away.

Saanjh reminisces Arjun expressing his love for her and praising her and collapses. Family gets worried and surrounds her and take her home. Arjun sits holding her hand. Saanjh wakes up. He asks if she is fine. She withdraws her hand and says she is fine. Suman thanks god that they both are safe. Ayan jokes that Saanjh was looking sumo with bomb. Saanjh asks Jahnvi if she is fine. Jahnvi says yes, she wants Maya punished and Saanjh get well soon. Suman tells Saanjh she needs rest and takes everyone out except Arjun. Arjun tells Saanjh that she must be thinking that he spoke without thinking. Saanjh says forget it. Arjun says he is really a duffer to not realize her love and consider coal as diamond and real love as fake, Saanjh accepted and supported him whole life, he realized what love is seeing and when he has same feeling she has, what problem she has, he does not have courage to lose her again.

He holds her hand and says I love you yaar. Saanjh says exactly she is trying to tell her same, he thinks he loves her but not, he is just worried that he will lose her. Arjun says how to explain her that he loves her, finally he is feeling what love is. Suman hears their conversation. Saanj says it is too late and Arjun should go home, she cannot accept all this, sorry. Suman enters and asks Arjun to forward mental doctor’s number as she wants her daughter admitted. She tells Saanjh that she waited whole life for this love, but when this love is coming back to her, she is trying to run away, asks if she cannot see how much Arjun loves her, they all are okay with it and now Maya is not here to trouble them. Saanjh says she was the third person between Arjun and Maya, Arjun loved only Maya and she does not want to take place between them.

Maya in jail panics that whatever she thought happened and will happen in future, Arjun is only her. She reminisces Arjun expressing his love for Saanjh and thinks Arjun is angry on her, how can he love Saanjh, Saanjh cannot love like her, she cannot even think, how can Arjun think of loving Saanjh. She shouts Arjun is only hers.

Arjun tells Suman and others that Maya is not leaving him even now, how to explain dusky that he loves her. Suman says she can understand what Saanjh is feeling, since Saanjh realized what love is, she loved only him. Ayan tells Arjun that Saanjh repeatedly expressed her love for Arjun, but he repeatedly rejected her. Arjun says he knows, he did not give importance to dusky, but now realized she is his love. Suman asks if it is true or he is worried about losing his friendship. Arjun says trust him, he realized what love is after a long time, Dusky loved him at each phase of life and tried to protect her from Maya, she did not even express and was ready to die for him, Maya was ready to kill him in anger, reminisces incident. Ayan asks not to relate love with friendship, else both will spoil, not get confused. Arjun says he is clear and free for the first time, but maybe Dusky’s love is not in his fate and he realized very late, so he is getting punished for that. Suman asks him not to lose faith, if he really trusts his love, they all will unite him and Saanjh. Maya in jail thinks she will die, but not let Arjun and Saanjh unite.


Beyhadh 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Reports ask Maya why she planned her own murder to trap her husband. Arjun asks reporters not to relate his name with Maya, Maya is Maya Mehrotra and not Maya Arjun Sharma. Saanjh says she will expose Maya’s true face in front of eveyone today.

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