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Beyhadh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh gets CCTV footage’s pen drive under Jahnvi’s wheelchair arm. She thanks and kisses Jahnvi happily and leaves. Maya reaches apartment building and gets out of car. Saanjh with Vandana watches video clip. Vandana says her Ayan is innocent. Maya enters apartment and sees CCTV setup burnt. She shouts maa. Vandana goes out and nervously asks what is it. Maya asks who did this. Vandana says she does not know, maybe rat. Arjun enters calling Maya. Vandana gets happy and says Arjun came. Arjun asks Maya why did she come back. Maya says CCTV cameras are not working.

Samay calls Saanjh and seeing her not picking call, tries to walk out, but Prem stops him. On the other side, Vandana gets worried for Saanjh and thinks how will she go out as door will not open without Maya’s fingerprint. Maya gets intimate with Arjun forcefully. Saanjh under bed feels shy hearing their sound. Samay calls Maya and says Saanjh is missing since a long time. She murmurs Saanjh is her problem now. Her phone falls down. Saanjh gets tensed. Maya leans down and picks mobile.

Samay asks Suman if Saanjh told where she went. Suman says her Saanjh is daring and will come back. Vandana continues searching Saanjh and gets afraid seeing Maya. Maya asks her to find rat which spoilt CCTV camera. Vandana gets afraid. Maya warns her and returns back to her room. She reminisces courier boy coming home and then disappearing, rest of the events. She thinks something is missing and falls asleep.

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In the morning, Samay says Suman and Prem that he will go and file Saanjh’s missing complaint. Saanjh calls Suman and tells she is in Maya’s house and found proof against Maya, will prove Ayan is innocent. Suman shouts this girl does not know how dangerous Maya is. Samay hears her. Maya serves breakfast to Arjun and Vandana. Vandana looks nervous. Arjun asks what she is planning and why she is not letting Maya get well. Saanjh hears that.

Maya reaches office and scolds CCTV vendor. Samay calls her and informs that Saanjh is in her house. Maya angrily leaves office. Peon notices her. She reminisces all the incidents while driving. Vandana searches Saanjh and finds Saanjh in Maya’s bedroom. Saanjh says pendrive will be formatted automatically once she transfers footage into her mobile. She sends footage to Samay, Arjun and Prem and tells Vandana let them know Maya’s truth. Arjun asks peon where is Maya. Peon says she left angrily. Arjun rushes home and sees Samay outside door, asks what is he doing here.

Maya enters home and loudly calls Vandana. Vandana panics, but goes out and asks why she is calling her by her name. Maya points gun at Vandana, yells enough of her drama now, call Saanjh out, else she will shoot her. Vandana panics. Maya shouts at Saanjh to come out, else she will shoot Vandana. Saanjh hurriedly tries to send footage to Arjun, Samay and Prem. Maya shoots. Arjun and Samay rush in. Saanjh comes in front of Maya. Maya delivers heavy dialogues as usual and shoots Saanjh. Samay and Arjun try to open door.


Beyhadh 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh is seeing in a shock after Maya shoots her.

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