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Beyhadh 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suman tells Arjun that Saanjh is different and until she is assured that his love is true, she will not accept him. Jahnvi says Suman is right, he should give lots of love to Saanjh. Inpector Ranveer comes and gives envelope to Arjun. Arjun opens it and says court hearing is tomorrow. Suman thanks god that they will get rid of Maya tomorrow.

Saanjh stands in her room silently. Suman enters and says Arjun loves her a lot. Saanjh says she saved Arjun’s life, so he wants to do her favor. Suman says she has seen love for her in Arjun’s eyes since childhood. Saanjh says Arjun loves Maya and is Maya’s husband. Suman says Maya is out of Arjun’s life. Saanjh says she just knows that she does not want to be betrayed again and keep false hopes, she loved Arjun and he rejected her, then Samay came in her life and played with her feelings, she is tired and cannot handle this anymore. Arjun hears their conversation standing near door. Saanjh says let us sleep now, tomorrow is big day for them, until Maya is punished, her risk will hover them always.

Next day, Maya is brought to court. Reporters throng her and asks why did she act as her own murder to trap her husband, she even tried to kill her mother and trapped her devar in rape case. Arjun comes. Reporter asks Maya Arjun Sharma tried to ruin him and his family, what he wants to say. He says she is Maya Mehrotra and not Maya Arjun Sharma, not to take her name with his name. Reporter asks Saanjh if she thinks even now Arjun is innocent. Saanjh says she will expose Maya’s truth today.

Women organization group try to beat Maya and chant slogans against her. Her lawyer Pooja comes to her rescue and says court has not proved Maya guilty and warns them to go away. He introduces herself to Maya as Pooja who fought her case against Arjun and sent him to jail, she is amazed seeing Maya’s confidence and wants to prove Arjun and his family wrong. She takes Maay’s signs on petition papers and smirks.

Maya is taken into court room. She fumes seeing Arjun and Saanjh together. Judge enters and orders to start proceedings. Saanjh says she is fight case from prosecution. Judge asks who is from defense’s side. Saanjh sees Pooja missing from seat and says she thinks nobody wants to. Maya says advocate Pooja will defend her. Judge asks where is her lawyer. Pooja returns and says she wants to apologize Arjun Sharma for convicting him in Maya’s murder case. She says judge that she used to consider Maya Mehrotra as innocent, but she is a seasoned criminal and can do anything, now everything is clear, so Maya should be punished rigorously. Maay angrily walks to Pooja and strangulates her. Police drags her and get her back into witness box and handcuff her. Maya resists. Saanjh asks Pooja if she is fine. Pooja nods yes and says that is all your honour, thank you. Saanjh tells Maya that she told nobody wants to fight for her. Judge says he can provide lawyer for her. Maya says she will defend herself.

Saanjh says Maya’s lawyer herself backed off, Maya is a very seasoned and ruthless criminal and has done many crimes. She calls Maya’s neighbor Shrurti into witness box who says Maya made her believe that Arjun tortures her and planned her own murder. Saanjh calls watchman who also speaks against Maya followed by nurse and other witnesses. Saanjh calls Ayan last. Ayan reminisces his court case, Maya trying to kill him, killing Vandana, etc. He expels all crimes against him. Maya says Ayan is Arjun’s brother and would take his side, where is the proof. Saanjh says let us assume all her witnesses are lying, she will call one witness who will not benefit from this case and calls Maya’s mother Jahnvi Mehrotra. Jahnvi enters witness box and takes oath on holy book. Saanjh asks Jahnvi what she wants to say regarding her daughter in front of court.


Beyhadh 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh requests judge to give rigorous punishment to Maya so that any criminal cannot play with law. Judge says looking at all evidences, court proves Maya….

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