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Beyhadh 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 17th February 2017 video watch online on

Maya holding Vandana’s feet tells that she Aswhin’s evil acts will haunt her whole life. Vandana stands afraid. Jahvni gets a bad dream about Ashwin and wakes up worried. She prays not to harm Maya. She then touches blanket and feels someone under it. She pulls blanket and sees no one in. She gets more afraid seeing Ashwin’s shadow on photo frame.

In the morning, Maya serves breakfast to Arjun, Vandana, Ayan. Ayan jokes with Maya. Vandana asks Maya when she is going to office as she has to go to her insurance job Maya says she will accompany her to her insurance job. Ayan jokes Maya Mehrotra, hotness queen will spread her hotness to customer. Vandana shouts him to behave with his bhabi and not forget about their relationship. Ayan apologizes. Maya says devar bhabhi’s relationship is of friends. Arjun says Maya Mehrotra does not have to work as insurane agent. Maya says she is Maya Ashwin Sharma, Mehrotra is a curse for her. Jahnvi calls Maya and asks her to come soon as Ashwin has returned. Maya drops phone in a shock.

Maya with Ashwin reaches Jahnvi’s house and calls doc. Doc checks Jahnvi and says Jahnvi is in a shock after her husband’s death and mentally unstable. Maya asks Jahnvi if she really saw Ashwin. Jahnvi says no, she why will she call her, he just told she hopes she would have called back Ashwin, why did she come back here, she should come back here often like this and should go back home. Maya is shocked and tries to tell her that she really called her, but Arjun stops her.

Vandana fumes in her house and Ayan gives her pain balm. Saanjh enters and Vandana says earlier Ashwin died and now Vadana has become mad and is seeing Ashwin’s ghost. Saanh asks her to calm down. Vandana continues venting out her anger. Saanjh says now she will set everything right.

Arjun fixes garland on Aswhin’s photo and says Maya that this is just a pic and nothing else. Maya goes to washroom and Arjun tries to get in. She pushes him out. She washes her face and sees Ashwin’s shadow in mirror and he says Maya baby…She panics and tries to open door, but door is jammed. She calls maa..and sees Ashwin’s shadow calling her again Maya baby…


Beyhadh 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jahnvi tells Ashwin’s photo that she did not tell anyone that he is back, whatever happened was her mistake, she loves him.

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