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Beyhadh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya pleads Arjun to save her son from her. She says Arjun tolerated her madness, but her child may not. Arjun reminisces thinking of not letting child come in t his world. Maya leans on his lap and continues pleading. Vandana on the other side tells Suman that nobody will change, Arjun thinks Maya is ill and is forgoing all her sins. Suman says one has to suffer their sins and nobody can change it. Maya continues that she did many mistakes and wants to be punished.

Arjun says mistakes themselves are punishments and their love itself will save her. He says she was innocent and was forced to become bad by her father and others. He says their love is passion and only that will change their lives. Maya continues panicking and Arjun consoles her.

Prem opens his mailbox and tells Samay that Maya does not know whom she has challenged, Saanjh is like a fly and will not accept defeat, she will fall 100 times and will get up again to fight. Samay writes his name on paper and makes it Maya. He says he can do anything for his love and kisses paper. He closes door.

Saanjh enters Maya’s room and says good she is here, mental asylum is very nearby, she will pay for her sins. Maya panics and cries her child. She shouts Arjun.. Arjun enters. Saanjh asks if Maya is..Arjun says yes Maya is pregnant and she will not lose her child because of Saanjh this time. Saanjh reminisces Maya falling down and losing her child. Saanjh says Maya is a criminal and Ayan is innocent. Arjun asks if she has proof. She says yes, she has and sent it to his e-mail. He asks where is it and shows all spam mail. Saanjh says she must have entered wrong email ID and she even sent it to her papa and Samay. Arjun starts yelling that Maya is ill and Saanjh wants to send her to mental asylum instead,

Saajh loves him and is jealous that she could not get him. He loves only Maya and she should get out of his way. Saanjh slaps him. Maya’s facial expression changes and she angrily walks towards Saanjh, but Arjun stops her and says he had once slapped Saanjh and now she took revenge, she cannot dare touch them again and asks Saanjh to get out now. Saanjh says she made a mistake by loving him and good she is out of it. She taunts that Arjun’s problem is with him/Maya, so he does not need anything more. Maya’s schizophrenic nature is seen.


Beyhadh 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samay calls Maya, but she rejects his call. He says he will correct his mistake and electrocutes Prem.

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