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Beyhadh 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh tells Arjun go to hell, then says his hell Maya is around him always. Arjun and Maya fume. Saanjh walks out reminiscing Arjun fighting and degrading her for Maya and thinks papa and Samay are with her, she need not worry. She calls Prem and asks if he downloaded video. He says another 10 min and asks if she met Arjun. Saanjh asks who Arjun, she knows only Ayan. He asks if she is fine. She says if he is with her, she is fine, asks him to download data soon, they will take it to police station.

Arjun pampers Maya and makes her sleep on hospital bed. She holds his shirt and says she will burn the hands which touched him. Arjun says she has to change for their baby and keep old Maya in her closed fist. He says if she adopts evil, he will go away from her.

Samay calls her, and she disconnects his call. Samay thinks Maya cannot reject his calls like that, he will prove his love for her. He goes to power room and switches off power. Prem’s desktop shuts off and download stops. He walks towards power room. Suman gives him slippers and says last time lizard died and he was saved, this time, she wants him to be careful. Samay manipulates fuse box. Prem enters and Samay hides. Saanjh calls him and asks if he downloaded video. He says power went and he will download it again after fixing power. She says she will come home and asks where is Samay. Prem turns and sees Samay behind. Samay wearing safety gloves strangulates Prem confessing that he is untrustable and loves Maya, can do anything for her. He is breaking Prem’s trust and also life. He pushes Prem towards fuse box. Prem gets electrocuted and dies. Saanjh enters house and sees lights flickering. She calls mama, papa.. Suman enters and asks if Prem did not fix fuse yet. Samay takes out Prem’s slippers and hides them behind his back. He loudly shouts uncle.. Saanjh, Suman, and Shubh enter and are shocked to see Prem on floor lifeless. Suman shakes him. Saanjh reminisces Prem telling she is looking at him as if she is looking last time. Whole family cries. Vandana also enters and stands shocked.

Arjun takes Maya home and does her aarti in unique style throwing olive oil on floor and flower petals on her. She gets very happy. Vandana calls Arjun, but he silently rejects call seeing Maya. Jahnvi presses buzzer. Maya goes to her and says mother knows what child wants, even she is becoming mother now and is pregnant. Jahnvi looks at her. Arjun enters and says Samay has called. Maya reminisces Arjun’s warning if she goes towards evil again, he will go away from her. She thinks she cannot let Arjun go away from her.



Beyhadh 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samay tells Maya she betrayed him and he killed Prem for her.

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