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Beyhadh 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Jailer informs Maya that Arjun is dead. Maya shouts Arjun cannot die. Jailer says this is truth. Saanjh and Ayan on the other side try to revive Arjun. Maya laughs. Jailer says if she has gone mad that she is laughing instead of crying. Maya says she is lying so that she can have food, she should use her prank on someone else, she cannot tie her. Jailer says if she had to tie her, she would have long ago, she is not lying, Arjun’s heart beat has stopped.

Saanjh shakes Arjun and asks to wake up, how can he leave his dusky alone. Ayan says he will not wake up. Saanjh scolds him and says he has befriended her and will have to follow his promise. She promised Vandana aunty that she will protect him, when she wants to tell him I love you, he has to. She shouts I love you Arjun. Jailer tells Maya that her husband is dead. Maya strangulates her neck and says her Arjun cannot die, she will kill whoever will tell bad about Arjun. Wardens and doctor pull her away. Jailer chokes and coughs. She gets up angrily and beats Maya with stick. Maya writhes in pain, but shouts Arjun cannot die. Jailer then says she will not hit her, Arjun’s death certificate will be her biggest punishment, he is dead. She orders wardens to lock her.

Saanjh continues shouting I love you Arjun, wake up. Arjun’s heart beats again and says dusky. Saanjh happily says his dusky is with him. He then looks at Ayan. Ayan also emotionally cries.

Jailer asks wardens next to lock her in a hospital room and force IV fluids and food into her mouth. Wardens take Maya along. Jailer says Maya will try to kill herself hearing Arjun’s death, but she will not let her die. Wardens drag Maya towards room. Maya pushes them and locks herself into a room. Wardens and jailer knock door.

Doc treats Arjun with family around and says Arjun was weak and he gave injection, he did tests and Saanjh can take him home. Suman scolds Arjun and asks him to come home soon with Saanjh. Saanjh says let Arjun get well soon. Shubh says doc wants to send her away soon. Saanjh says Arjun will stay here. Arjun says Dusky is afraid of Maya even now. Arjun holds Saanjh’s hand. Suman says Jahnvi let us finish formalities and asks Shubh and Ayan to get medicines. They all walk away. Saanjh says Arjun that she is not afraid of Maya, actually. Arjun says she is not looking into his eyes, he has seen her since childhood and she cannot lie, he is a big lier though and has passed PhD, he is fine and there no fear now of his death or Maya. Saanjh says they say tiger smells its prey, once he goes out, Maya will come. Arjun asks if they should hide due to Maya’s fear. Saanjh says no, they have prepare to face Maya.

Maya locks herself into a room and panics that Arjun is dead because of her, if he is not alive, even she should die and go to him. Jailer continues knocking door and says if she kills herself, they will be in trouble, it is a high profile case. Maya sees ceiling fan and says she is going to Arjun. She makes a noose of bedsheet repeating I am coming Arjun and ties bedsheet around her neck, reminiscing getting engaged to Arjun and their romance, hangs herself. Jailer with wardens break door open and get Maya down on time. Maya continues crying let her die. Jailer slaps her. Maya pleads to let her die. Jailer says this is jail and not a restaurant that she can order what she wants. Maya continues she wants to meet Arjun. Jailer shouts Arjun is dead. Maya says she wants to see Arjun last time. Jailer asks why should she, he is not even husband now. Maya shouts heart relationships don’t break, law or even god cannot break them, shouts Arjun..Jailer calls inspector and says she wants to show Arjun’s dead body to Maya. Inspector says Arjun is alive, if she says he will kill Arjun. Jailer is shocked and asks if he is not dead. Inspector says he was dead, but revived, life and death are not in their hands. Jailer asks whereis Arjun now. Inspector says he went home with his remaining family. Maya gets happy that her Arjun is alive.


Beyhadh 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh gives wedding card to Maya and says when Maya will die, Arjun and she will marry. Maya tears card and says when they marry, she will kill Arjun.

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