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Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

Inspector continues taunting and says Maya and team that they won’t understand how one can murder with needle as they are not medical student. He extends hand towards Arjun with his witty comments. Arjun stands silently. Maya says let us go. Arjun angrily tries to walk toward inspector, but Saanjh stops him and says inspector does not deserve his attention and does not know what he is. They all walk out. Constable asks inspector if Arjun can murder. Inspector he is not that courageous. Constable asks if Jahnvi can. Inspector says she was mad behind Ashwin’s love and will not kill him. Inspector asks Maya then. Inspector says she built fashion empire at the age of 19, her employees shiver in her fear, she is afraid of her father so much, she can murder.

Arjun and Maya drop Jahnvi home. Jahnvi holds Maya’s hand and asks how murdered Ashwin. Maya says he died due to heart attack and inspector is lying. She relaxed and asks Maya to go home now. Maya tries to leave. Jahnvi holds her hand and reminisces pointing gun at Ashwin, then says I love you and asks her to go. Maya walks away. Jahnvi smirks. Arjun says she should stay with aunty for sometime and kisses her cheek. His assistant calls and says client is leaving and he has to sign papers, so she is sending papers to his house. He says he is not at home. Maya asks him to go home and sends him. He leaves kissing her again.

Saanjh goes back to Arjun’s house and confronts Vandana that she cannot be so harsh on Maya. Vandana says she made a big mistake, she called inspector to investigate the case as she feels Saanjh murdered Ashwin. Saanjh says how can she…sees Maya standing at door. Saanjh says aunty does not mean it. Maya says she knows Vandana is concerned about Arjun and she is glad that she loves Arjun so much. She walks into her room. Saanjh confronts Vandana how can she allege Maya like this, it is Maya’s goodness that she found goodness even in her harsh words. Vandana shouts nobody changes so easily, Maya was adamant to marry Arjun even in burning mantap, she is very calm now. Saanjh asks then how did Vandana change suddenly. Vandana stands spellbound.

Jahnvi in her home alone reminiscing point gun at Ashwin. She finds herself in living room and thinks how did she come from bedroom to living room. She hears Ashwin’s foot steps and his voice calling her Jahnvi…She panics and sees TV switching on and Ashwin’s murder news. She tries to switch off TV, but she cannot, continues panicking.

Maya in her room feels disheartened. Saanjh gets in and consoles her and cheers her up with encouraging words.

Jahnvi hears Ashwin’s voice in her room again. Ashwin’s photo shakes. Jahnvi apologizes him and asks forgiveness and says it was her anger. Garland from photo falls and lights flicker. Jahnvi pleads to forgive her and runs out of room.

Arjun discusses with Ayan that he feels really sad for Maya. Ayan says he should fill Maya’s life with love. Arjun tells that Maya slapped inspector 3 moths ago, he is pestering them now. Ayan says during murder Maya was at home and Arjun was also in a room, only Jahnvi was not present. Arjun starts thinking.


Beyhadh 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Maya asks Arjun to tell whatever in his heart. Arjun says he doubts Jahnvi killed Ashwin.

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