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Beyhadh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Arjun informs Maya that Samay has come. On the other side, Suman cries on Prem’s dead body to wake up. Saanjh reminisces happier moments spent with her father. Suman reminisces time with her husband. Vandana tries to console her. Maya tries to stop Arjun from going and says Saanjh has Samay, so he should not go. Arjun says his friend needs her at this time and he has to go. She stands in front of him and asks if his friend is more important than her. Arjun says this time his friend needs him. Maya asks what about her. He says he is only hers, but this time his friend needs him and walks out even after Maya tries to stop him with emotional blackmail. Maya addresses her unborn child that Arjun ignored them. Door bell rings. Maya runs and hugs Samay thinking him as Arjun. Samay feels her touch and says I love you. Maya backs off hearing his voice.

Suman continues crying, asking Prem to wake up. Arjun enters and says his destiny was only till here. Suman cries loudly holding him. Saanjh looks at him. Arjun and others carry Prem’s body to perform last rights.

Maya holds her sandal on Samay’s neck and warns to not utter anything. She sees last rights items in his hand and asks why did he bring it here. He cries that he killed Prem uncle. Maya shouts not to talk wrongly in front of her child. He is shocked. She says her and Arjun’s child and she does not want anyone talk bad in front of him. He says whatever he tries, she is not coming back to him. He killed Prem Arjun for her. She reminisces messaging him how can he let proof slip off and shouts he cannot throw his blames on her, how can he to her Maya. He says she is Arjun’s Maya. She starts brainwashing him and says love means destroyal and he should get destroyed for her. He killed Prem uncle and did it with his thinking, if he is caught, he will not take her name. he says he will not be caught, he did not leave any evidence against her. Jahnvi comes and presses beep. Maya says Jahnvi will not tell anything. Jahnvi leaves. Maya says every criminal leaves a clue and it is just a game of winning or losing, she hopes he wins.

Prem’s body is kept on wooden logs for last rights. Saanjh hugs his forehead. Pandit says it is time for last rights, call Prem’s son. Shubh says he cannot. Vandana says Shubh is a child, son-in-law is like a son and will perform last rights. Saamy does last rights reminiscing killing Prem. He is about to set fire when Arjun holds his hand and says it is not his right.


Beyhadh 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh cries hugging Arjun. Maya watches from her car and thinks she is Arjun’s love and shadow, everytime Saanjh comes in between.