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Beyhadh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya acts of fainting and when constable leaves to go call someone, she opens her eyes and says Arjun can’t go this easily to Saanjh. She’s coming.

Maya’s mum advices Arjun that he knows Saanjh the most and he should do something keeping her interest in mind. Arjun recalls Saanjh’s arrangement when she first tried to propose him with memories of their childhood. He says he got an idea.

Maya comes to store room. She picks up some medicine and says whom God didn’t leave, how Arjun will leave her.

Arjun wishes Saanjh gives him one chance, he will never leave her. Ayaan brings Saanjh to the terrace. Arjun has done same arrangement that Saanjh had done once. Ayaan wishes him best by gesturing and quietly leaves. Saanjh asks Arjun what’s all that. Arjun says a try to express his feelings to her. He asks her to give him one chance. He walks towards her and says this is that place which has many of their memories. This is why he wants to start from scratch here. Saanjh tries to say something, but he requests her to let him say it all first. He takes her hand and takes her to the tent that he made with their memories. They sit down in there. He asks she doesn’t trust his love, right? Soon she will realise that he truly loves her. Saanjh watches him.

Maya goes to Asha’s room. Constable stops her. Maya says she wants to see Asha. Constable lets her go. Maya passes something to Asha. Maya and Asha use chloroform on doctor and nurse, and they fall unconscious.

Arjun tells Saanjh that he couldn’t keep every single thing carefully, but he managed to save some. They recall their old memories. Arjun says there was a time when he didn’t know how priceless her love is.

Constable wakes up from sleep and goes inside to check. She sees no one there. Maya comes from behind and uses chloroform on her as well. Maya and Asha dress up as doctor / nurse. It’s shown this was all Maya’s plan. They made this plan in jail. They have someone on stretcher and say they have to reach back door now. Asha’s brother is waiting in ambulance outside. They reach door and male constables stop them. Maya says they have to take patient a bigger hospital. Constables say they want to see the face. Maya shows it to them and it’s lady constable. Maya says they will have to go quickly. Male constables let her go. Maya goes in the ambulance. Asha doesn’t go in. Maya asks her to hurry up. It’s the jailer in ambulance. Maya is shocked as she realises this was a trap. Asha tells Maya she can’t buy everything with money. The jailer tells Maya this was their plan to catch her red-handed escaping from jail. Maya attacks on Asha. She is stopped by police. The jailer tells her it’s her jail, it’s not easy to escape from there. Maya is taken away.

Arjun requests Saanjh to say yes, otherwise he will jump down from the terrace. Saanjh asks him to shut up. Arjun says, like her, he can also die for her. He goes to jump. Saanjh stops him and slaps him and then she looks at her hand in disbelief. She tells him sorry. He says this is what he deserves and this slap wasn’t from her anger, it was from her fear that Arjun is going away from her. He asks why she doesn’t accept that she loves him. She says love is not a game, first Maya then Saanjh. The truth is he never loved her, he doesn’t need to show sympathy for her. She says he just wants her in his life because Maya just left and he feels lonely. Arjun asks how she can think all that? She says he never loved her. She has accepted this. Arjun is shocked and saddened. He says fine if she thinks like this, then okay let it be. There’s saying if you love someone, then set them free. He leaves saying in his mind, wah Maya, you left, but didn’t leave me capable enough for Saanjh’s love. You will also suffer same way.

Maya is thrown back in the lockup, now in an isolated room. She stares at the jailer. The jailer asks her to look down and says this is her life now, to get rotten in this dark room. Jailer leaves.

Maya looks around the room and there is only one window. She recalls her dad’s torture and fear in dark. She’s in panic. She screams, maa, maa. She now recalls Arjun had helped her once when she was stuck in dark. She now recalls she had called someone from hospital room to kidnap Arjun.

Arjun is on street, recalling Saanjh’s words. He says Saanjh did right. Now it’s his time to suffer like she did once. A van comes to him and he’s kidnapped.

Maya says she will have to fight with her fear and save her Arjun.


Beyhadh 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh comes to Maya to ask her where Arjun is. Maya says it’s hardly been 24 hours and she couldn’t keep Arjun safe? Saanjh says if Maya can cross all limits to win Arjun, then Saanjh can become Maya any time to save Arjun.

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