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Beyhadh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya gets inebriated Arjun into car. Arjun continues murmuring to leave him. Maya smiles and says even in sleep, he takes her name, happy wedding anniversary. She takes him home and makes him sleep on bed. She then wakes up in the morning and tries to kiss him, but then stops and says she will not let anything bad near him, not even her bad breath. She then goes for a bath looking at sleeping Arjun repeatedly.

Saanjh gets Shubh’s clothes out of her cupboard and fumes in front of Suman that Shubh has spoilt her room. Suman says Shubh thought she will marry and move permanently and he will get whole room. Prem enters and says Shubh’s dream will come true soon. He asks Saanjh of this time she is serious. Saanjh says yes, she did not think she would forget Arjun, but after meeting her new boyfriend, her mind has changed. Suman jokes if she should give original family ring. Saanjh says she thought she lost ring in Mauritius. Prem says they were not sure last time, so gave fake ring. Suman gives original ring.

Maya serves Arjun breakfast and says she prepared aloo parantha with desi ghee for him. He asks her to give 2 spoons poison as she has a lot. Maya smiles ands says she has only love for him and feeds Jahnvi. Arjun asks what is running in her dirty mind. Maya continues smiling. Arjun tries to leave. Maya asks what should she bring for lunch. He says poison again and leaves. Maya tells Jahnvi that Arjun is joking and she will not leave him forever. Jahnvi looks at fingerprints on Maya’s hand. Maya says Arjun got too intimate last intmate.

Saanjh goes to jewelry shop to buy a ring. Maya reaches there to repair her mangalsutra and hearing Saanjh’s name drops it. Saanjh sees her and mangalsutra on floor, picks it and gives it to her. Maya reminsices Saanjh warning that she will not give her belongings if she finds them next time. She receives mangalsutra. Saanjh wishes her happy anniversary and extends hands. Maya just smiles and does not shake hand. Saanjh notices fingerprints on Maya’s hand and asks what happened. Maya says Arjun got too kinky last night and asks why did she return. Saanjh says she realized it is difficult to stay from dear ones. She asks how is Arjun. Maya says he is happy. Saanjh informs about Ayan’s engagement and asks to attend. Maya says she will, but Arjun may not.

Arjun returns home and yells that he is returning back to hell where Maya monitors even his breaths. He writes Hell next to Maya Sharma’s name plate. He enters house murmuring welcome back t hell. Maya brings cake and says welcome love. Arjun angrily holds her angrily and says where is love between them. Lights get on and whole company staff greet him happy marriage anniversary. Maya says happy marriage anniversary love. He says in her ears, there is only hate between them now.

Precap: Saanjh tells Suman that after meeting Samay, she felt like forgetting Arjun. He knows everything about her. Samay reaches on bike and hugs Arjun.

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