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Beyhadh 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya panics in her jail cell’s darkness and thinks she has to fight this darkness and save Arjun. In the morning, Jahnvi comes to Suman’s house with Ayan and asks Suman where is Arjun, he must be romancing Saanjh, she brought vada pav for him. Suman says he did not come at all. Saanjh asks why they think he would be here. Ayan says bhai went to meet her, so they thought he would be with her. Suman scolds Saanjh if she fought with Arjun again. Ayan says bhai must have proposed her and she would have rejected him.

Maya panics in jail and thinks how to escape and save Arjun. Warden pushes food in and closes door back. Maya runs to open door and shouts she wants to go to Arjun. Door opens again, jailer comes in and says she wanted to go to washroom, here she brought portable commode for her, she can do whatever she wants in it. She leaves with warden. Maya panics that she cannot be defeated.

Saanjh tells Ayan and Jahnvi that Arjun must have gone home and waiting outside as he does not have key. Jahnvi and Ayan leave. Saanjh thinks when will duffer stop troubling her. She reminisces slapping Arjun and thinks if he felt bad really.

Arjun wakes up and sees himself tied to a chair and asks if anyone is there, why are they hiding like coward. Goon says his boss that Arjun is irritating, he will cut his tongue. Boss says let us get money, then he can do whatever he wants. Maya washes face and reminisces jailer catching her and saying her old tricks will not work on her. She hears footsteps and knocks door. Warden asks what happened now. Maya says she is unable to breathe and having severe stomachache. Warden scolds her and leaves. Maya cries that to do now. She sees window.

Saanjh calls someone and asks to inform if he/she gets Arjun’s info. Ayan says he called bhai’s all friends and asks to stop pretending as she does not care for Bhai. Saanjh says she thought duffer is playing prank, but he is not, asks Ayan to search cafes and bars. He leaves.

Maya tries to climb window, but falls. Jailer comes and asks if she wants to escape, she should not dare try again. If she tries to act smart, she will close even this single window. Maya says she cannot breath in closed room, she can ask her mother, please get her out or else she will die. Jailer says nobody cares if she dies here or hanging on noose. She says she will fulfill her wish one last time and drags her in open air under running water tap and asks to clean her sins here. It is not couple garden that she will roam with her husband here, this is jail and she has to work if she wants food. She asks to wash whole jail’s clothes. Constables drop clothes in front of Maya. Maya angrily say what is this. Jailer asks what.. she is a special criminal and should be treated like this, she knows how to mend spoilt richies like her. Warden jokes she does not even pick water, she will need washing machine. Maya says she is a criminal and not maid. Jailer slaps her and says if she does not obey, she will face even lashes, warns her to get back to work and leaves.

Saanjh and Ayan search Arjun in all bars and café and where Arjun can be found and does not find him. They shouw Arjun’s photo to everyone and ask if they saw him. Constable ask to file missing complaint. Saanjh thinks where is Arjun.

Goon’s boss tells Maya did not call yet. Goon says if Maya even goes on moon, she will send money, if she does not by 12 noon tomorrow, he will kill Arjun. Arjun shouts if someone is there. Maya in jail reminisces playing with soap lather with Arjun and thinks this is the opportunity to reach Arjun somehow. Jailer comes and says jail’s walls are so high that she cannot even look at it. She says when her husband escaped, they increased security and nobody can escape.

Ayan and Saanjh meet at their apartment building again. Ayan says Bhai is found nowhere and what if Maya has kidnapped her, but she is in jail. Saanjh reminisces Maya telling if Arjun cannot be hers, he cannot be anyone else’s. She asks Ayan to go and leaves in her scootie. Maya is thrown into dark cell again. She looks at her bruised hands due to washing clothes and reminiscing Arjun pampering her hands once. Saanjh comes to meet Maya and tells constable that she needs to talk to Maya alone. Constable says she cannot let her alone. Saanjh says she is Arjun’s lawyer. Constable leves. Saanjh asks Maya where is Arjun. Maya says Saanjh’s heart, she is hiding him since childhood. Saanjh says she knows Maya cannot keep quiet even in jail. Maya says she trusts her so much, hopes Arjun would have trusted her that much. Saanjh says if something happens to Arjun, she will.. Maya says will she kill her, she is so smart, Arjun married me and promised to be with me forever, but she played games and got him. She says now Arjun is ready to die for Saanjh and it is my love’s defeat, but my love cannot be defeated. Saanjh says love is love, and she never tried to snatch Arjun from Maya as Maya did not make Arjun hers at all, Maya was just egoistic and wanted to rule Arjun. She says this is Maya’s punishment. Maya laughs and says well played, she does not have anything to lose, so she does not have to worry, but Saanjh has a lot to lose, so she should be careful as Maya can do anything for her love. Saanjh says if Maya can go to any extent to get Arjun, then Saanjh can become Maya anytime to save Arjun.

Maya promotes show’s new timing from 8:30 p.m.


Beyhadh 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya panics that she is not with Arjun and what if goons harm him. Ayan over phone informs Saanjh that police is calling to identify Arjun’s body. Saanjh lifts bed sheet from dead body ad looks shocked.

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