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Beyhadh 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Inspector continues pestering Maya in lieu of investigation. He says just like she reacted seeing gun, even Ashwin must have reacted, then Jahnvi must have picked syringe and poked into his chest repeatedly. He picks pen and in lieu of demonstrating rushes his hand towards Maya’s neck when Arjun holds his hand and asks to be in his limits, he cannot hold Jahnvi like this without arrest warrant. Inspector says arrest warrant is on the way. Saanjh says inspector can do recorded investigation of Jahnvi. Arjun asks what.. She says let him do. Inspector smirks and takes Jahnvi in. Arjun fumes and asks constable to free Jahnvi as it is illegal without warrant. Inspector comes and pushes him on chair and tells constable Satam that he needed new boss, here inspector Arjun Verma is. Maya fumes seeing inspector misbehaving with Arjun and gives him a tight lap. She then apologizes and says he should stop punishing her family for her mistake. Saanjh says it is already 6 p.m. and now inspector cannot confine any woman after 6 p.m. without warrant. Inspector says she knew about this rule. Saanjh says she did not waste her time in law school for 3 years. Inspector says when did he say that and orders constable to free Jahnvi.

They all get towards parking lot. Vandana calls Arjun repeatedly. Arjun scolds her to stop calling him repeatedly, he is not arrested and Jahnvi is arrested instead. Maya gets into car with Jahnvi and asks why did not she inform her that she had gone to Ashwin’s house. Jahnvi imagines seeing Ashwin in car mirror, sitting in back seat and tells Maya that he has come back and sitting behind, she should not look behind. Maya asks what is happening. Jahnvi pushes her out of car and speeds car. Maya falls down. Jahnvi speeds car and imagines Ashwin behind and mirror breaking. She rams car to a tree and gets injured.

Saanjh with Ayan returns home and informs Vadnana that Arjun will stay in Maya’s house today as Jahnvi is not well. Vandana shouts Arjun’s life is at risk there. Saanjh says Maya needs him there. Vandana shouts Arjun even needs his mother, even when Arjun did not accept her as mother, she took care him as mother and she will not let Maya ruin his life. Her drama continues.

Jahnvi reaches home and panics imaging Ashwin around, tables moving, Ashiwin’s voice..She pleads Ashwin not to torture her, she is on his side. Arjun and Maya reach and knock door. They hear Jahnvi shouting and knock door repeatedly. Arjun breaks door. They both enter and see Jahnvi standing on balcony railing. They both are shocked and run towards her. Jahnvi jumps. They both hold her hand no time. Jahnvi says leave me, I have to go Ashwin. Maya says Ashwin is dead and they both pull her up. Arjun asks what happened to her. She expressionlessly walks to her room and looks at Ashwin’s photo. They both ask what happened to her. Jahnvi says why did they come here, go back and push them out. Maya says she will not go away from her. Jahnvi says Ashwin has returned even after death and asks Arjun to take Maya from here as her life is death. Arjun makes her sit on bed and says Maya is safe. Jahnvi pushes him saying he cannot see Maya is in danger, picks knife and stabs it into his leg. He shouts in pain.

Precap: Maya tells Jahnvi again that Ashwin is dead and cannot harm them. Jahnvi signals to be silent and points at bed, imaging Ashwin on bed.

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