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Beyhadh 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya throws wedding anniversary party for Arjun and murmurs in his ears he loves him forever. He says murmurs he hates her forever. Everyone clap for them. Maya cuts cake and feeds Arjun. Everyone clap again and say the are perfect couple. Arjun starts pouring his heart out that he has become an prisoner in his own house, he even has a bathtub in his jail cell. He continues that he is a dog and loves dog a lot as it resembles his situation. Maya smiles and tells guests he is joking. Someone asks what she is gifting Arjun. Maya dorns gold chain and pendant in Arjun’s neck. Arjun breaks it and throws down. Everyone watch in a surprise. He finds microphone in chain and angrily holding Maya asks if spying him via CCTV cameras is not enough that she fixed microphone. Staff try to pull away Arjun,

but he shouts that he is talking to his wife and continues. Maya acts innocent as usual. They pull him again and he laves. Staff badmouths Arjun that he should be jailed. Maya shouts that Arjun is her life and she will not tolerate anyone badmouthing about him, shouts at anyone to get out of her house.

Ayan brings his fiance home. Saanjh asks what she liked in Ayan. She says Ayan does not look at other girls, so she liked him a lot. Everyone cough in a surprise. Saanjh reminisces Ayan being caught with girlfiend, etc. She says so sweet and feeds ice cream to Ayan. Ayan signals to keep quiet. Shubh then taunts Ayan. Suman brings samosas and whole family enjoys.

Arjun drives car rashly reminiscing Maya’s obsession towards him. He brushes Samay’s bike during the process. Samay follows him on his sports bike and stops. Inebriated Arjun shouts to move away and walks towards him with wobbly gait. Samay hugs him and says he need a jhappi as he looks tensed. Arjun shouts to move away. Samay says he should think of the one who loves him before rash driving. Arjun reminisces Maya. Maya calls him and he moves aside. Samay deairs tyres, gets on his bike, and asks Arjun to go in auto or taxi, he will feel good.

Maya at her home looking at locket continues smiling and imagining Arjun. Samay reaches Saanjh’s house and meets her. She happily hugs him.

Precap: Samay meets Saanjh and hugs her. They watch news where Arjun is roughing up with Maya and reporter shouting socialite Maya is a prey of domestic violence.

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