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Beyhadh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Beyhadh 24th May 2017 on

Samay clicks Arjun and Saanjh’s pics. Arjun notices someone near door. Samay hides and thanks god for giving him opportunity to separate Arjun and Maya. He thinks Maya wanted to give another chance, but he does not deserve it, Arjun is a loser and duffer. He walks home whistling and seeing people mourning Prem’s death and thinks people died and left him opportunity. He walks into his room looking at Arjun and Saanjh’s pic and happily dances an sings that Arjun is a cheater, now he is Maya’s lover and will be with her forever. He writes Maya’s name on paper and reminisces Maya removing clothes in front of him and asking to bite and torture her. He kisses Maya and images kissing her. He hugs papers and continues imaging hugging her.

Maya opens door thinking Arjun has come. Samay enters showing Arjjn and Saanjh’s pic portrait, hugging each other. He asks Maya how many changes he will give to Arjun, she told about winning the bet, but she lost it repeatedly from Arjun, Saanjh is Arjun’s truth, Maya’s truth is Samay. He says only he can do anything for her and can make whole world dance on her tune and die for her, open her eyes and look at him. Maya closing her eyes angrily stabs fork into photo and tears Saanjh’s photo. Fork even injures Samay. Maya says she can understand everything. Her love is not in her vision, but in her understanding. What heart can see, vision cannot and what understanding does not need anything. She warns him not to provoke her against Arjun again, orders him to clean his dirty blood from floor and walks in. He wipes blood from his T-shirt and tries to tear Arjun’s photo. Maya holds his hand and warns she will break the hands which will try to harm Arjun. Samay enjoys her touch. She drags him out holding his hand and closes door. Her fingernail falls down. Samay picks it and kissing it sings Arjun is a cheater and he is Maya’s lover, if not Maya he will take Maya’s fingernail.

Maya picks Arjun’s pic and hugs it. She burns Saanjh’s torn pic. Jahnvi notices it. Maya then sitting on swinger reminisces Arjun’s words that some relationships are unbreakable and only he can handle his dusky, etc. She tells her unborn baby that Arjun did not return yet, not even for him/her, how he fought with her for Saanjh, when child comes out, he/she should fight with Arun for her. She thought Arjun will mend himself once child comes, but he is a fool, he is not bad, but world is and only she can protect him. Jahnvi comes again and notices her schizophrenia.

Maya notices Jahnvi watching her and asks if a mother can do anything for her child. It is a weird world, people cry for people who die and fight with living ones, even she needs some tears. Jahnvi realizes she is going to harm her and press buzzer nervously. Maya pulls her wheelchair repeating even she needs some tears. Saanjh tries to jump from terrace saying she wants to go to her papa. Arjun stops and consoles her. Samay comes there. Maya continues that a mother can kill anyone for her child and even sacrifice her life.


Beyhadh 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya drowns Jahnvi into bathtub saying if Arjun get console his friend when her father dies, he will console even her when her mother dies.

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