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Beyhadh 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh tells Maya if Maya can cross any limits to win Arjun, then Saanjh can become Maya anytime to save Arjun. Both glare at each other. Maya says game on. Saanjh leaves. Maya again shows tension on her face saying it’s been 24 hours and she has not been to Arjun yet. If they do anything to Arjun, then what she will do. Jailer appears and says nothing. She takes Maya back to her jail cell.

Ayaan informs Saanjh that Arjun had an accident. Police found Arjun’s wallet and called them in to identify victim’s body. Ayaan and Saanjh come to identify the body. Saanjh walks to the dead body. She recalls Arjun told her that he will commit suicide when Saanjh refused his proposal. She prays dead body not to be Arjun’s. She checks it and it’s not Arjun. She is relieved. She sits down and cries in relief. Ayaan comes and he’s also relived. Saanjh tells him had anything happened to Arjun, then she wouldn’t be able to forgive her ever. Ayan says they will have to find where Arjun is now. Ayaan asks police what Arjun’s wallet was doing with that guy. Police say that they don’t know. Saanjh recalls Maya’s words that if Arjun can’t be hers, then he can’t be anyone else’s.

Maya is worried thinking what kidnappers would do to Arjun if they don’t get their money. She thinks what she can do. She says Arjun’s love is her biggest morale and she has to keep it alive. A constable comes to call Maya to finish her work. Maya thinks that she will have to finish.

Jailer welcomes Maya reminding that she needs to do the work in order to get food. Maya can’t do work properly and other prisoners laugh. Maya sees Asha and gets mad. Jailer interrupts before she does anything.

Arjun thinks only Maya can do this, but then thinks she is in jail so how she can do it. He provokes kidnappers to see them, but they instead cover his face with black cloth.

Jhanvi and Suman are trying to call Saanjh and Ayaan, but they are busy finding information about Arjun. Ayaan sees camera where deadbody was found. They go to check CCTV footage. Jhanvi fears whether Maya is behind Arjun’s disappearance.

Maya hears from other prisoners if they manage to do the most work, then they can get to call at home as a prize. There is a landline in office as well. Maya suddenly starts working properly and fast. Prisoners wonder how that change. Maya thinks no one can snatch Arjun away from her.

As Maya did the most work among all prisoners, she was supposed to get some prize, but jailer refuses it.


Beyhadh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya creates fire in some room to divert police attention. She then tries to call someone from the office, but jailer comes there. Kidnappers say if they don’t find about the party in next 24 hours, then they will kill Arjun.

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