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Beyhadh 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Beyhadh 25th May 2017 on

Samay enters terrace while Arjun is consoling Saanjh. He tells Saanjh that Suman is calling her. She walks away. Samay asks Arjun if he is habituated to show his right on someone’s love. Arjun says need, Saanjh needs him. Samay says Saanjh will not come to her until Arjun is around her, reminiscing Maya warning him too not question Arjun’s capabilities, else she will kill him. He says it makes a difference to him when Arjun is around Saanjh.

Maya continues her schizophrenic behavior and tells Jahnvi that she wanted her mother to protect her when Ashwin used to torture her, but she did not come to save her, why…She can understand why she helped Vandana as she knew she wanted that. If she knows why she keeps evidence intact, so that her mother can protect her, but she does not, why….what kind of mother she is…She will listen to her child’s each plea, but her mother did not, her worse condition is because of her mother, enough now, her mother has to listen to her. She removes Jahnvi’s jewelry saying she has to listen to her and help her, only she is her hope.

Samay continues his dialogues and asks Arjun to leave Saanjh as her happiness is in that.

Maya takes Jahnvi to bathroom and closes door. She gets Jahnvi out of wheel chair and drops her into bathtub. Jahnvi gets afraid. Maya pampers her and asks why did not she listen to her voice, now she has to listen to her and become her mother. She opens tap and fills bathtub, reminds Jahnvi when she did not listen to her, what she did. Jahnvi reminisces hiding into storeroom. Maya enters store room. Jahnvi warns her to stay behind, she trusted Maya, but Maya killed Ashwin. She thought Maya would change after marriage, but she did not and tried to make her believe that Ashwin’s ghost speaks to her. Today, she will prove who is read mad.

Maya picks knife and runs behind Jahnvi. Jahnvi runs out. Maya follows. Jahnvi says she is a murderer, she killed Ahswin, she will tell her truth to whole world and get her arrested. Maya continues walking. Jahnvi slips on pipes near window. Maya hold her and warns she will not tell anything. Jahnvi asks why did she do that. Maya says for their happiness, Ashwin would not let them in peace. Jahnvi asks why did she prove her mad. Maya says someone has to take Ashwin’s murder blame, she will protect her mother. Jahnvi says she is not mad, Ashwin was right Maya is mad, she will tell her truth to Arjun and not let her spoil Arjun’s life. Maya pushes her from window saying nobody can get Arjun away from her. Jahnvi falls on car and lies severely injured.

Out of flashback, Maya fills whole bath tub and tells Jahnvi she did not listen to her last time and now she has to and become her mother. She told her a mother can do anything to her child, can take life and can give life, so she has to die. She continues that when Arjun can get concerned for his friend when her father died, he will get more concerned to her when her mother dies. She pushes Jahnvi into bathtub.

Beyhadh 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun reaches home and sees water coming out of Jahnvi’s bathroom. He rushes in and sees Maya asleep and Jahnvi drowned into bathtub, shouts Maya…aunty..

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