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Beyhadh 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vandana tries to open Maya’s secret door with her hair pain. Maya enters searching her mobile. She sees Vandana not on her place and shouts she told maa not to move. She picks her mobile and sees Vandana’s location on CCTV footage and loudly says maa I am coming. Arjun in his office cabin reminisces Vandana talking about Ayan and Maya dropping her mobile in water. Peon brings tea. Arjun scolds him and sends, then fumes if mom does mistake, Maya will punish them both.

Saanjh goes to meet Ayan and tells her whole plan and says there was no other go than sending Vandana aunty to Maya’s house to get evidence. Ayan says Maya can do anything and is pscho, what if she harms maa. Saanjh says she knows how mad Maya is and nothing will happen to Vandana.

Vandana tries to hide in whole house. Maya continues tracking her and calling her. Jahnvi presses beep repeatedly. Maya shouts why she is beeping, if she also wants to be punished. She then sees Vandana in room and opens door. Vandana hides behind door and once Maya moves aside. Vandana comes in front and tries to open door. Maya comes in front and closes door on her hand. Vandana shouts in pain and pleads to forgive her and open door. Her hands gets severely injured and bleeds profusely. Maya enjoys torturing her. Jahnvi looks at her in fear sitting on wheel chair. Maya asks if she is enjoying it. Vandana continues pleading to spare her. Maya continues her psycho behavior and sits when mistake is done, one has to face it. She then finally opens door and gets out Vandana holding her injured hand. Vandana writhes in pain. She continues pressing Vandana’s injured her and says she knows CCTV cameras are all around and she can watch everything, then why did she make this mistake. If she was searching something or was asked to. Vandana continues writhing in pain. Maya continues pressing her injury and insists to tell who sent her. She then cries why she wants to separate her and Arjun. She says she will get first-aid box and walks away. Vandana runs.

Saanjh reaches outside Maya’s house and thinks Vandana’s safety is more important than her plan. Maya picks first aid box and pierces knife in it and yells if mistake is done, punishment is fore sure. Vandana watches her and gets more afraid seeing knife. She runs and Maya loudly says she wants to play running, let us run. Vandana opens main door and sees Saanjh. Saanjh is shocked seeing her injured hand and fumes she will not spare Maya. Vandana pleads her to go and closes door. Maya comes and asks if she wants to break even her leg and sit on wheelchair playing buzzer like Jahnvi. She continues her torture and asks if someone is outside. Saanjh hears her standing near door. Maya opens door and grabs her hand, but Saanjh frees it and escapes.


Beyhadh 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Saanjh confronts Arjun why did he leave Vandana with Maya, Maya broke her hand. Arjun shouts why she is lying. Saanjh shows her bruised hand and says this is what Maya did.

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