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Beyhadh 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Saanjh thinks of taking Ashwin’s help in knowing Maya’s truth and walks behind him. She sees Ashwin checking Maya’s laptop and speaking to someone over phone that he searched everything but did not find Maya’s details. Saanjh thinks she wanted to seek Ashwhin’s help, but he himself is searching Maya’s details. Once Ashwin leaves, Saanjh checks Maya’s old laptop. She gets mail from unknown admirer again that she is going on a right path and should continue. She finds doctor’s bill and then goes to meet doc. She introduces herself as Fashion and the City’s chief legal advisor and Maya has transferred her company’s 51% shares in Arjun’s name. She needs to know the reason for Maya’s insurance rejection and her medical illness,

else deal will be canceled. Doctor hesitates. Maya says she will ask hospital management itself. Doc reveals that Maya got severe depression and she tried to suicide once, she can harm other and is danger for herself and others.

Arjun gets romantic with Maya again. Maya says she wants everything to be perfect by god’s grace. Arjun says she can pray god, but he god never helps him. Maya says god has protected her till now and prays god for her married and successful life after that.

Saanjh gets into Arjun’s cabin and tells Maya is hiding things from him and tells about Maya’s school suspension, records missing due to digitization, doc’s prescription, insurance being rejected, etc. Arjun says so what if records got missing due to digitization. She says Maya has severe depression and shows him medical bills and doctor’s prescription. Maya watches their conversation via her cabin and messages Jahnvi that she needs her help. Maya continues explaining Arjun that Maya has severe depression and tried to suicide once, she has scar on her arm, etc. Maya enters and asks what Maya. Saanjh shows her hospital bill and ask what is this. Maya acts shocked and says whatever Saanjh is telling is true and reminisces Saanjh checking her purse. She says she thought Saanjh is searching some documents, but she was gathering proof against her.

Maya requests Saanjh to not reveal her secret to anyone and rungs towards terrace. Saanjh asks Arjun to stop Maya. Maya runs on terrace and tells Saanjh and Arjun that she will not suicide, already Saanjh harmed her. Jahnvi enters and says Maya did not go to school as Ashwin had broken her hand and Maya was taking care of her. When Ashwin knew about Maya’s school suspension, he hit Ashwin so much that 4 people had to stop him. All the bills are rights, but she is in depression instead and not Maya. Maya is protecting her from the world and Ashwin. If Arjun loves Maya, he has to accept Maya the way she is. Maya got hand injury while trying to save her and reminisces falling unconscious due to hyperglycemia. She continues confronting and says again Arjun has to accept Maya the way she is, else it is his wish.

Precap: Arjun confronts Saanjh that she is jealous that he loves Maya. Ashwin tortures Maya and yells she sent mails to Saanjh and is going against her papa. Maya slaps him.

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