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Beyhadh 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya picks hypnotic injection and tells Jahnvi that she cannot see her losing her breath and life, so she will fall asleep. Panditji gives Prem’s ashes to Suman and asks to perform rituals. Suman cries that her Prem is turned into ashes and now wants them also to be washed away. Vandana says Prem is in her heart and she has to perform ashti visarjan. She asks where is Saanjh. Samay comes and says he will call Saanjh. He sees Saanjh hiding in a room and says she has to accept that her father is dead and perform his asthi visarjan. She says she cannot do that. He insists. She says no. He asks why. She shouts she killed her father. Vandana gives usual shocking expression and opens eyes widely.

Saanjh injects hypnotic into herself and telling drowning Jahnvi she wants to be in deep sleep when her mother breaths last. She flushes syringe into commode and sleeps next to bathtub. Arjun reaches home and calls Maya and Jahnvi. He searches them in whole house. Jahnvi hears him and water gushes towards her head. Arjun finds water coming out of Jahnvi’s bathroom and rushes in. He sees Jahnvi drowned into bathtub and Maya asleep next to bathtub. He pulls Jahnvi out of bathtub and makes her sleep on bed. He then takes Maya to her room.

Saanjh continues crying that she killed her father. Suman asks what is she telling. Saanjh says if she had listened to Suman and called electrician on time, her father would not have been electrocuted. She reminisces the incident, Suman telling she will have lots of time, but not her. She shouts she was right, she has time, but not papa. People want her to console maa and Shubh, how will she when she cannot look at herself into mirror. She continues pouring her heart out. Suman and Vandana continue crying while Samay silently watches.

Doctor checks Maya and tells Arjun that her BP is very high. Maya wakes up calling maa. Doctor says Jahnvi is safe, Arjun saved her on time. She scolds Arjun to take care of Jahnvi. Maya says it is not Arjun’s fault, she took Jahnvi’s responsibility. Doctor leaves. Arjun reminisces whole incident, fighting with Maya that he is Dusky’s Duffer now and has to be with his friend, etc.., and feels guilty. Maya starts blaming him that he ignored her and always worried about his Saanjh. She can take care of her child alone and does not need him. She continues emotionally blackmailing him and make him feel more guilty with her words and says he has to choose between her and Saanjh.

Saanjh continues if she had not tried to prove Ayan innocent and helped Vandana, found proof against Maya and mailed it to papa, papa had not tried to download it in a hurry and electric fuse broke and her papa got electrocuted, she killed her papa. She continues blaming herself. Samay reminisces how he switched off power and killed Prem. Saanjh asks him to kill her.

Maya continues emotionally blackmailing Arjun. Arjun says he could not become a good friend, good husband, or good son, now he is clear what to do. He walks out of room. Maya walks behind calling him.

Beyhadh 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya smears her blood on Arjun’s painting and says nobody sees her pain and are worried about Saanjh, now Saanjh’s blood will flow.

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