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Beyhadh 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Saanjh asks Suman and Jahnvi to hurry up in arrangements as today is her goad bharai. Suman says it is Maya’s goad bharai and she has snatched Arjun 6 months ago. Saanjh says it is her goad bharai and she trusts Arjun. She happily opens door hearing door bell. Arjun walks in. Maya stands between them and says she came in between them. Saanjh says she came beside them and tells Arjun that 6 months passed so fast, she loves him. Maya acts as slipping and twisting her leg. Arjun asks if she is fine, lifts her and takes her to room. Suman angrily says Saanjh that Maya is only with Arjun. Arjun makes Maya sleep on bed and says she should be careful, what if something had happened. She says until he is with her, nothing will happen to her. He leaves saying he will send her food. She thinks Arjun is only made for her.

Saanjh brings food for Maya. Maya asks her to sit and says because of her, Arjun is taking care of her so well and after this child comes, everything will change. Saanjh says yes. Maya says favors should be returned in this world itself and says she is giving her child, so she should give her Arjun. Saanjh gets angry hearing that and gets up. Maya says Arjun even today loves her, so he left Saanjh. She turns Saanjh and folding her hands requests to return her Arjun, her happiness and in return become this child’s mother, she will become Arjun’s passion. Saanjh will get a meaning of life by this child, she will get peace in Arjun’s arms, Saanjh should get what she needs and should return what she does not need. Arjun loves adventure and loves only her.

Saanjh slaps her and says Arjun hates Maya and is tolerating Maya because of her. She once gave her love before, but not now, she will not let Arjun suffer again. Arjun comes and slaps Saanjh and says this is for making delay to slap Saanjh. He is tolerating Maya because of her, Maya is cruel as usual and will never change, she purposefully made him hear child’s heartbeat to make him fall for her again. He continues that Maya will never change and is evil who takes only revenge. Maya fumes and holding Arjun’s collar shouts he betrayed her again. Arjun asks if only she can lie. He reveals how he saw her hitting her head on car steering purposefully to garner his attention, then walking into Jahnvi’s room and adding live wire in bathtub, so he switched off electricity. He continues that he loves only Saanjh and she sacrificed a lot for him, now Maya has to return Saanjh’s love and he will perform Saanjh’s goad bharai today and not Maya’s. He drags Maya out. Saanjh looks at them with teary eyes.

Maya shouts she is having pain, her child. Saanjh says Maya is really having pain. Arjun says she is lying. Maya shouts her child…Suman asks him to take Maya to hospital. Arjun lifts Maya and takes her to hospital while she shouts Arjun in labor pain. Doctor does her ultrasound while she continues writhing in pain, comes out and says it is a complicated situation, either mom or child can be saved, asks whom to save. Maya keenly hears.


Beyhadh 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Arjun says if they get happiness with someone’s death, they does not need it, doc should save mother/Maya. Maya during delivery shouts to save and collapses shouting Arjun…Monitor goes blank.

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