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Beyhadh 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 27th February 2017 video watch online on

Arjun tries to console Jahnvi when she panics, and Jahnvi stabs his leg with a pen. Vadana wakes up from sleep worried for Arjun, shouting his name. Ayan tries to calm her down. She talks emotionally and says she wants Arjun back home, she is worried about him.

Arjun and Maya continue trying to calm down Jahnvi. Maya shakes Jahnvi and says Ashwin is dead and he cannot trouble them now. Jahnvi says he is there and imagines Ashwin in front of her. Doc comes and gives injection. Jahnvi falls asleep. Doc says it is common to react after dear one’s death and every person reacts in a different way. Arjun asks treatment. Doc says antidepressants. Maya says she will not let maa take antidepressant again. Arjun takes doc aside and asks if there is any other way. Doc says there is one, Jahnvi needs counseling. Arjun asks if he means psychologist. Doc says yes. Arjun asks any other way. Doc explains him.

Arjun sees Vandana’s missed calls and calls her. She starts emotional blackmail and asks him to return home. He says if she continues like this, he will not come. She says she will fall ill. He says he will take her to roadside doc. She says not to badmouth about her son and continues her emotional blackmail. He says Jahnvi aunty needs him here. She says he is worried about other’s mother than his own. He asks her to stop her emotional speech and disconnects call.

Maya takes Ashwin’s photo and throws it from balcony. It falls down and shatters into pieces. At Saanjh’s house, Saanjh speaks to someone and asks if work is done. Shubh asks why she is awake till now like an owl. She says she cannot sleep until Arjun is in trouble and gives her philosophical explanation.

Arjun gets romantic with Maya and then afraidly shows door. She asks what. He says Ashwin. She panics in fear and holds him. He laughs and jokes and mimics Ashwin. She hits him. He laughs and says he did not taste her lipstick after marriage. They get romantic. Tu jo hai…song..plays in the background. Jahnvi imagines Ashwin walking from door. Maya falls asleep in Arjun’s arms. He wakes up and walks out, calls someone and asks if work is done. He then walks out of apartment building and meets a masked girl/must be Saanjh.


Beyhadh 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector comes to arrest Jahnvi. Janvi panics and hugs Maya tightly. Inspector asks constable to arrest the lady. Maya looks in a shock.

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