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Beyhadh 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arohi gets scared suddenly seeing Maya behind her. She asks her about puppy. Maya gives it to her. Arohi says thank you.

Saanjh says sorry to Arjun for spoiling lunch. Arjun says it’s okay. Saanjh wants to go to Arohi’s dance class. Arjun says he has work.

Maya says puppy name is very good.. who kept it. Arohi says she did. Maya bonds with Arohi and tries to take out info about Arjun and his house. Arohi asks is she detective? Why so many questions? And Arjun has told her not to talk with strangers. Maya says they know each other now and tries to be friend. Arohi almost shakes her hand with Maya’s, but Arjun calls her and she leaves leaving Maya fumed.

Arohi realizes she has to hide her puppy from Arjun. She puts puppy on side and goes to Arjun and Saanjh. Maya hides and looks at Arjun. Arjun is complaining Arohi about Saanjh for spoiling lunch. Saanjh spots puppy and scolds Arohi for bringing it to her class. Arjun says they will take puppy with them. Puppy is near Maya. Arjun walks towards Maya. Maya puts on her mask. Maya loses her balance and Arjun catches her. Maya recalls her old good romantic time with Arjun. Maya pulls herself back. Arjun takes puppy and asks Maya, you? Arohi says she came as replacement for a cleaner.

They leave. Arjun turns back and looks at Maya and then walks out. Maya touches her shoulder and feels Arjun’s touch. She says she still remembers his touch and smiles. She writes Arjun’s name on a mirror with lipstick. She looks at it and says whenever she walks on path of hatred, why his love keeps coming back. She won’t take it anymore. This time she has come back to make him pay for his mistakes. It’s time for Arjun-Maya story to come to an end. It’s time to fix the wounds that he gave her. The small needle will do this job.

After class ends, Maya stops Arohi. Arohi again gets scared. Maya asks they are friends, right? They shook hands. Arohi says no, she left before that. Maya says they can shake hands now then. Arohi does and asks why she wants to become her friend. Maya says because she’s going to return her happiness to her. Today because of her, she was able to meet Arjun. Arohi asks how she knows his name? and why she got happy seeing him? Maya says whole world knows him and who wouldn’t be happy meeting him. She gives a chocolate to Arohi. Arohi says no saying Arjun said not to take anyone else’s stuff. She leaves waving hand to Maya.

Saanjh comes to a cemetery in night time. Someone comes behind her in a hoody and she screams. She asks why he called her there and asks him to leave. The person walks towards her. She screams for help. She tries to run away and in that, falls on the ground.


Beyhadh 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya calls Lalwani and says they have to hurt Arjun that he will not forget for life. In factory, Arjun bumps into someone who tries to hide from Arjun. He asks him, who are you?

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