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Beyhadh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya says jailer that she heard she rewards whoever prepares more agarbathis. Jailer says yes and throws her agarbathis and says she did not count her agarbathis at all, so Durga won. Maya says she cannot do this to her. Jailer says she can do anything. Inmates say Maya does not even know to prepare agarbathis. Jailer asks Maya to sell her agarbathis first, then she will see.

Saanjh with Ayan goes to and old Parsi couple’s house. Uncle comes out and asks what they need. She says she needs to see his house’s CCTV footage. He is deaf and asks if she wants his footage, he cannot give, she can go. She says it is her fiend’s life’s issue. Aunty comes and Saanjh says her friend’s life is in danger, he is missing since last night, she needs to check her house’s CCTV footage. Aunty says let the girl in as it is love matter. Ayan says Saanjh even aunty realized her love story.

Maya picks agarbatis and thinks to call Arjun via jailer’s landline. Jailer leaves asking wardens to keep an eye on Maya. Maya keeps agarbathis on table and sees matchbox in front of god’s photo. Wardens run away hearing inmates fighting outside. Maya silently picks matchbox and burns agarbathis. They return and drag Maya out of room. Maya silently says smoke is coming from room They rush to open room.

Saanjh with Ayan looks at CCTV footage and finds goons kidnapping Arjun in a van. She asks Ayan to zoom in on number plate and says if they trace car, they can reach Arjun. Maya in jail silently steals room key from warden and rushes to jailer’s room and calls goons. Arjun hears goon discussing if they don’t get money, they will kill him, but their custom will send money. Phone rings. Arjun frees himself and beats goons. One of them hits his head from behind and he collapses. Jailer returns and after scolding wardens walks towards her cabin to bring key, calling fire brigade over phone. Maya continues calling goons. Goon picks call, but seeing jailer entering Maya keeps landline and hides under table. Jailer picks key from cupboard speaking to fire brigade and key falls. Goons call back, but phone is not reachable. Goon says let us finish victim then.

Saanjh reaches police station and shows CCTV footage to inspector and asks if he believes her now, he should trace van and find Arjun. Inspector arrogantly asks to wait till kidnapper’s call comes and then file missing complaint. Saanjh angrily warns him if he does not do his duty, she will.. He asks what. Ayan apologizes and requests to help. Inspector says one is requesting and another is reminding him his duty. Saanjh says if he does not. Inspector asks what. Ayan drags her away.

Jailer searches key speaking over phone. Maya throws key towards her. She picks and walks away, but realizes something is wrong. Maya gets up and calls goon again. Jailer returns and catches her red handed.


Beyhadh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jailer throws Maya into smoke room and says she burnt room and should try to breathe here. Maya suffocates. Goon tells party’s call did not come, so he will finish Arjun. He thrusts knife towards Arjun.

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