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Beyhadh 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Person in the hoody is Arjun. He throws a snake on Saanjh’s face. She screams and he laughs. It turns out that this was Arjun’s dream. He wakes up. Saanjh asked what happened. He says a bad dream, he will go and get some air. Maya watches him tensed in the balcony. She says only your sleep is gone now. I will destroy your life. Arjun sees someone standing in the trees and asks who is there. Maya runs away. He calls his guards to check. They don’t find anyone.

Next morning, Arjun is still thinking about the nightmare. Saanjh asks why he’s not eating and tells him to forget about the nightmare. Suman says how he can forget.. it’s about his dusky. In childhood, he saw one bad dream and stayed awake whole night to catch the ghost when it comes to hurt Saanjh. Saanjh says till Arjun is with her, no harm can come to her. Jhanvi is tensed. Sumar asks what happened. Jhanvi says she doesn’t know whom they are fooling.. to each other or themselves. Fear that’s in everyone, came in Arjun’s dream today. Snake’s dream is not good, a snake always brings danger with it. In their lives, there is only one danger.

In store room, Maya has tied up the cleaner whose place she took in Arohi’s dance class. She apologizes to her, but says that was the only way. Arjun is already scaring so much. She wants Arjun to have that feeling every moment.

When coming out of store room, Arohi sees Maya. She asks Maya where she went. Maya says to market. Arohi says she doesn’t have any shopping bag. Maya says she has work and goes. Arohi figures she’s lying. Arohi shares her doubt with her friend and decides to catch Maya’s lie.

Maya calls Lalwani and says they have to hurt Arjun such a way that he can’t forget it his entire life. Wound will be huge, but weapon will be small. She shares her plan with him (not revealed to us). After she disconnects call, she says death will be too easy for Arjun. He will beg her for death, but she won’t give it to him.

Lalwani comes to Arjun’s factory as a worker. He mixes something in some product there and says Arjun’s bad time starts now. Arjun comes there and they bump into each other.

Arohi says they will go in store room. Her friend says it’s locked. Arohi says they will go from window. They come inside. Her friend is scared, but Arohi doesn’t let her go. They see box in which Maya has kept cleaner whose place she took. Maya realizes she forgot some medicine bottle in store room and goes back to get it. She enters as Arohi and her friend opens the box.


Beyhadh 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya asks Arohi what she was doing in store room. Arohi says she caught her lie and asks her to leave her. She will tell Arjun and Saanjh. Maya says then she will have to shut her mouth. Arohi gets scared.

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