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Beyhadh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya calls goons from jail’s landline. Goon picks call, but jailer comes and stops Maya. Maya pleads that she prepared most agarbatis and wants to call her husband. Jailer says she tried to kill her husband and wants to speak to him now, she set fire in room to divert everyone’s attention and make a call. She drags Maya to smoke room and throws her in saying now she will see how she will breathe. Maya pleads to let her speak to Arjun. Jailer laughs. Goon on the other side redials, but number is not reachable. He says it is enough now, let us kill Arjun. Boss says he is right and goon thrusts knife towards Arjun. Saanjh outside gets dishearted not finding Arjun and sadly says everytime Maya reaches Arjun before them. Ayan says let us find van via number plate.

Maya continues pleading jailer to let her speak to Arjun. Jailer laughs that she got a good entertainment in Maya. Maya collapses. Jailer gets concerned and opens door. Maya murmurs again she wants to speak to Arjun. Jailer says she can sense her drama and walks away.

Ayan and Saanjh come out of RTO sadly discussing Van’s number plate was fake. Saanjh says she will contact someone who can help them. She calls her aide and request to find out real number of van as her friend was kidnapped in that van. Aide says he will give her Mushtaq bhai’s number who is expert in this issue.

Maya continues pleading she wants to speak to Arjun. A lady walks in and gives her water. Maya says she needs to speak to Arjun and not water. Lady says she will help her, there is another phone in this jail in Rita’s cell. Maya asks why she is helping her. Lady says she saw how she won agarbathi competition and jailer tortured her, so she will help her. Maya reminisces jailer trapping her once, but thinks she will take this risk. Lady takes Maya to Rita’s room who is seen served by other inmates. She says this is. Rita says she is Maya ji and wants to call someone, if she could not, she burnt agarbathi room. Maya pleads again. Rita shows mobile and says there is price for everything, asks Maya to press her feet. Maya stands silently. Rita says when she can touch jailer’s feet, why can’t she touch her feet and asks lady/Sunita to take Maya away then. Maya presses Rita’s feet. Rita says she is feeling peace and shows mobile.

Saanjh reaches garage to meet Mushtaq. Ayan says he feels something is fishy. Saanjh says ther is no other go. Saanjh asks aide where is Mushtaq bhai. Aide says he is converting fake car to real one. Mushtaq comes out and aide introduces Saanjh. Saanjh shows CCTV footage. Mushtaq says this is his garage’s van. Saanjh gives him money and asks where is this van. He tells address.


Beyhadh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Maya calls goons and pleads not to harm Arjun.Goon says she is late and Arjun will be punished. He hides Arjun in cold storage box.

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