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Beyhadh 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya opens store room door and searches Arohi and her friend. They hide in a big basket. Maya sees window open and closes it and walks away. Arohi relaxes. Arjun inspects his factory. Lalvani disguised as employee clashes with him. Arjun asks who is he. Lalavni runs and mingles with other employees. Arjun asks his manager to find out who he is. Maya locks store room door and hears Arohi’s friend sneezing. She returns and checks real maid locked in a trunk, then checks other things and walks out. Arohi with friend comes out of basket and walks out via window. She apologizes her friend Saloni and says she feels something is wrong and wants to find out. Saloni says she does not want to fall in problems and leaves. Maya/Mohini comes and stands in front of Arohi. Arohi asks what happened.

Maya gives her ID card and ask to keep it safely, says she found it in store room where children are restricted, why she had gone to store room. Arohi says she has to ask this question instead, she was doing something wrong there, she can complain against her if she wants. Maya says then she has to shut her needle mouth.

Arjun’s manager informs him that he did not find any stranger, all are their staff members. Arjun. Arjun finds a bottle on ground and orders to lock factory and check each staff and get all ingredients and machines checked. He informs Ayan who asks if he saw culprit’s face. Arjun says face was masked. Manager returns and says choc mixer was poisoned and he sent all machines for cleaning Arjun asks what about dispatched chocs. Manager says they are yet to come in. Ayan says its is very risky.

Jahnvi goes to Arohi’s school to pick her and does not find her. She scolds security officers. Arohi returns and says she was in washroom.. Jahnvi asks her to inform guards before going to washroom. Arohi says okay and walks with her. Maya waves her hand hiding and she also does same. Jahanvi asks who is it and takes her towards car. Maya thinks kids are so innocent and cannot differentiate true and lie, now Arjun will cry his whole life.

Arjun checks CCTV footage. Ayan says he searched whole company and did not find anything, did he find out. Arjun shows suspicious man and says they need to find out who sent this man. Employee comes and says all consignment is back except from 1 distributor. Arjun warns not to let those chocs enter market.

Maya continues watching Arohi hiding and thinks Jahnvi sacrificed her own blood and accepted someone else, it is time for her punishment. Arjun calls Saanjh and asks where is Arothi. Saanjh says Arohi has left for house and asks to take care of himself. Arjun asks Ayan to get all consignment from selling off. Ayan says he is worried that a few chocs are being sold already A shopkeeper sells chocs. Chilren eat it and fall ill. People beat shopkeeper. Manager informs Arjun. Arjun asks manager to reach hospital and get children treated. Ayan asks who can do such a low act. Arjun asks if it is Maya.


Beyhadh 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun says Maya will come to meet him. Ayan asks how does he know. Arjun says he knows. Malvani tells Maya that Arjun is trying to trap her. Maya says Arjun will fall in her trap.

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