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Beyhadh 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun hears Maya’s voice in tape recorder and says wherever she hides, he will find her out as she does not deserve is love and deserves his hatred. He sees Maya passing and runs behind her. Saanjh walks into jungle and Samay throws knife on her, it hits tree. She runs and slips and calls Arjun. Arjun continues following Maya and she escapes. He then hears her voice again in groundnut vendor’s cart, throws groundnuts and gets tape recorder. He hears recording in which Maya says they will meet where they had met first. He reminisces their hot air balloon meeting, gets into auto and asks driver to take him to nearby mountain cliff. Saanjh continues running and Samay follows her wearing hooded jacket. He thinks Saanjh has not changed at all, she is same innocent and believes everyone blindly.

Saanjh gets trapped in a steel claw and injures her leg. She shouts Arjun.. and sees a man wearing hooded jacket in front of her.

Arjun continues searching Maya and hears tape recorder voice that has almost reached his destination. He finds tape recorder on a plant and a note, reads it again. He steals someone’s bike and speeds away. Saanjh asks man who is he. He bends and removes hook and shows is face. Saanjh is shocked to see Samay and says he was dead. He speaks in his usual style and says Samay never dies and now she will see Arjun dying, he will get back Maya then.

Arjun reaches a place where he saw Saanjh last and searches her. He asks a passer by if he saw a girl and shows Saanjh’s pic. Man says he saw this girl falling from bus and then going into jungle. Arjun gets into jungle calling her.

Saanjh tries to run and falls into Samay’s created grass pit. Maya watches and enjoys sitting at a dance. Samayy drops petrol on Saanjh and around pit. Saanjh says no…and calls Arjun. Arjun finds Saanjh’s dupatta and imagines Saanjh must have left it as a clue. He continues running ahead shouting Dusky and finds Saanjh’s earring. Saanjh continues Samay to spare her. Samay says if she dies he will get back Maya. Saanjh says Maya does not love her and is playing with him again. Samay says Maya loves only her, don’t worry she will feel only a bit of pain and soon Arjun will also come behind her. Saanjh continues crying. Maya watches smirking. Arjun reaches the spot.


Beyhadh 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun fight with Samay. Samay tries to stab knife into him and says whatever he wishes happens. He stabs Arjun. Maya looks at them.

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