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Beyhadh 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Mehandi ceremony starts at Maya’s apartment. Arjun with family, Saanjh’s family, and relatives reaches there. His commentary starts. Ayan clicks Maya’s pic and says bhabi is looking hot. Ashwin fixes silencer to his gun and from his apartment points at Maya’s apartment. He first points at Jahnvi and thinks she is his living bank account, he cannot kill her. He then points at Vadana and thinks if he kills her, marriage will halt. He then points at Ayan and thinks if he kill Ayan, Maya will not be affected. He then points at Arjun.

Vandana asks Suman why did not Saanjh come. Suman says let Saanjh find her own happiness. Maya hears their conversation, walks towards them and asks if they are comfortable. Vandana says she will leave after sometime. Maya asks if she has any problem here.

Ayan invites Jahnvi for a dance. Jahnvi reacts, but then starts dancing on nothing my mahiya…song..and drags whole family. Ashwin shoots at Arjun. Arjun falls down. Vandana shouts Arjun….Arjun then gets up and says he slipped from Jahnvi’s sari. Jahnvi apologizes him. Maya’s mehandi gets spoilt. Guest shouts it is a big abshagun, that is why elders warn that bride and groom should not meet before marriage. Vandana hears that and scolds Arjun. Maya panics. Arjun takes her aside and tries to calm her down. Maya says earlier also panditji warned about kundalis. Arjun says when pandit can change opinion for money, he is not reliable, their fate cannot be decided by any kundali, their compatibility is what matters. Vandana hears their conversation and fumes. She walks home angrily. Arjun then asks Ayan where is mom. Ayan says she left.

Jahnvi orders guards to be around Arjun’s family until they reach home. Saanjh finds bullet and tells Jahnvi that Ashwin tried to kill Arjun, why she is protecting him. Jahnvi says if she had informed earlier, Vandanna would have broken marriage. She further says she is worried about her and Arjun’s marriage and does not care about Ashwin.

Back home, Vandana scolds Arjun how could he bribe pandit and says until she gets kundalis rechecked, marriage will not happen. Arjun says marriage will happen on time.

Maya prays god that Ashwin tried to harm Arjun, when God has given Arjun to her, nobody can snatch him from her. She remembers Ashwin torturing her in childhood and says she suffered his torture till now, but will not tolerate if he harms Arjun. She picks knife thinking of killing Aswhin.

Beyhadh 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Pandit checks Arjun and Maya’s kundalis and tells this girl’s love for Arjun is a biggest problem for him, she can go to any extent for Arjun and may harm him. Saanjh with knife and tries to enter Ashwin’s apartment via window.

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