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Beyhadh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Maya presses Rita’s feet and pleads her to give phone. Rita says she did not work in whole life, but is pressing leg now, she gives nail cutter next to cut her nails. Maya angrily takes cutter and thinks she will do anything for Arjun and he is only hers. Goons fume seeing police outside and think they have to wait until police goes. Police knocks door. One of them opens door. Inspector says there is a theft happened in this area and asks why he has closed his garage. Goon says he is unwell, so he shut his garage. Police leaves. Goons decide to kill Arjun and raise knife when Maya takes phone from Rita and calls them and pleads not to harm Arjun. Goon says nothing can happen now, she and her hero are gone now. Rita snatches phone back. Goons turn and see Arjun missing. They search him, and Arjun hides in cold storage fridge. Saanjh and Ayan continue to search Arjun.

Maya pleads Rita to give her phone, she needs to speak to Arjun. Constables come and drag her back to her room while she pleads to let her speak. Jailer comes and Maya shouts she wants to meet Arjun at any cost. Jailer says she is barking like a dog and nobody will pay attention to her. Maya continues protesting and says she will not eat until she meets Arjun. Jailer leaves. Maya beats plate and protests. Jailer returns and breaks water pot and says she does not have water now, orders wardens to not give her food and water until she pleads. Maya continues protesting and shouting she wants to meet Arjun.

Saanjh reaches venue and searches Ayan. Arjun shivering in cold storage box thinks goons have returned. Saanjh sees rope and says Ayan Arjun was here. Arjun hears her. Ayan says Maya must have shifted him somewhere or he must be safe and went home. They walk towards door when Arjun says Dusky. Saanjh hears him and says she heard something. Ayan says it is her imagination and takes her away.

Saanjh returns home shouting if Arjun returned. Suman says he did not. Saanjh blames herself and says it would have been better if Maya had killed her. Suman calms her down and tells once she went missing and was found in cupboard. Saanjh realizes Arjun was in cold storage box. Arjun is seen shivering in cold storage box.


Beyhadh 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya is admitted due to not eating food and says she will not eat until she meets Arjun, if she dies in jail, jailer will be in trouble. Saanjh with Ayan and inspector opens cold storage box and finds Arjun in it.

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