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Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Maya falls from balcony, but Arjun holds her legs and asks to hold his hands. Maya says when is not ready to love her, what is the use of holding his hand. He asks to stop rubbish and hold his hand. She says her love looks rubbish to him. He insists to hold his hand. She holds and bites his hand. He shouts in pain. She insists him to tell that he loves her. He says he loves her beyhad and pulls her up. She says he did all this to trouble her and loves her. He says yes. She says she is very bad and starts hurting herself. He shouts to stop, she is injuring herself since 3 years and people think he injures her, he gets hurt by her madness each day. She says he is right and hits bottle on her head. He shouts what did she do and holds cloth on her injury. She asks if he loves her or not. He say he loves her a lot and she is his heart beat. She asks if he is not telling this to save her. He says no. She insists to tell he loves her. He says a lot and is worried even if he dies, her love will not leave im. She says it will not as it is a true love and finds its house always, he is her house and they need one more person in their house, they need a baby. Arjun controls his anger.

In the morning, during breakfast, Saanjh tells family that Arjun is in pain. Prem warns her to forget Arjun as he left everyone 3 years ago. Suman also says same. Saanjh says how can she forget her childhood, Arjun is in deep pain and wants to tell everything. Prem says whatever he had to tell, he told 3 years ago with a slap, she may have forgotten about it, but he is not, reminiscing Arjun slapping Saanjh. Vandana says Arjun choose his life and he has to pass through his life exam himself. Samay enters and says exam is over.

Maya wakes up in the morning and insists Arjun to remove his shirt. He says he is not in a mood. She picks scissors and insists if he will or she should help. He stops her. She asks if yesterday’s love was a drama. She tries to walk towards balcony again, but he stops her. She unbuttons his shirt and massages his back instead murmuring in his ears he slept on one side, his back must be aching. She says their relationship so perfect, even after 3 years when they touch each other, their hands tremble, same feeling, everything is perfect.

Samay says examination of their patience, they waited for his paranthas. She serves paranthas to everyone and asks Saanjh to try. She nods no. He says if she does not take exam, how will he know if he passed or not. She goes to get pickles. He follows her and says her duffer contracted a disease and only she can treat him. She says thank you. He asks to have parantha and thank him. Samay says her duffer needs her, she knows Samay sees only truth. He reminisces Arjun and Maya chemistry on dance floor.

Maya serves breakfast for Arjun and says she prepared his favorite items. He tries to pick dishes, but she stops him repeatedly saying one is oily, another is too cold, other is too sweet. She serves omlette to them both and says their choices match, their relationship is so perfect. Arjun reminisces Saanjh’s repeated overpossessiveness and torture and slits his throat. Maya is shocked and runs towards him.


Beyhadh 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya panics remembering Arjun slitting his throat and during marriage take oath that till she is alive, she will love only him.

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