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Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

Maya gets very happy reading a romantic card and thinking Arjun kep it. She praises that Arjun remembers every small needs of her. Door knocks. She says come in and opens door. She finds gold fish bowl and happily gets it in and thinks both gold fishes are partners for life and one gets away, another dies. This is Arjun’s most previous gift. Arjun in his cabin sees Saanjh, reminsces Maya’s words that he is leaving her as Saanjh came back, and shouts what is she doing here and should get out right away. Maya continues thinking how can Arjun love her so much. Samay enters and if she liked his gifts Maya Mehrotra. Maya drops fish bowl in a shock. Samay picks fishes and drops them in water mug. He says he told her that her Samy will return before samay/time lapses, her Samay has returned now. He hugs her and says I missed you much, I love you so much, even now 8 year old attraction is still alive, he hopes she liked his gifts. She pushes him and asks to go from there.

Saanjh asks Arjun if he wants her to leave him in pain and says she saw his pain in pub. He says Maya does not like him to be with her again. Samay asks Maya why she cares for a husband who does not care about her. She pushes him and warns to leave. He pleads to meet him once and kneels down. She says fine go now, before I change my decision. He says he will be waiting for her call and leaves smiling. Maya says past’s mistakes cannot break today’s dreams. She drops fishes on floor and says whoever comes in between her and Arjun will suffer like this.

Saanjh confronts Arjun if he is only Maya’s husband, nothing else. She gives him gift and says she brought it from London for him thinking in 3 years everything will change. She congratulates him for becoming father and asks not to just be Maya’s husband. She extends hand. He throws her gift and asks to get out, he does not have time for her speech. He sits on chair and thinks he does not want Maya to see them and harm her, he will not tolerate that. Saanjh picks gift and sees her drawing on a crimpled paper and leaves. Arjun murmurs a whole world changed in 3 years, hope can change his world. He turns and panics seeing Maya, asks what happened. She asks what happened to him, she is having headache and will go home early. He sees Saanjh talking to peon and stops Maya saying he will massage her head and presses legs instead. She asks what is wrong. He kisses her forehead repeatedly and says this is unique way. She if she knew he would get romantic in office, she would come daily. He sees Saanjh leaving and says massage finished, go home now. Maya asks what happened suddenly and leaves. Arjun apologizes Saanjh and says he had to do this to safeguard her.

Saanjh goes out and hugs Samay. Samay asks if she spoke to Arjun. Saanjh says Arjun did not, but he looks very distressed. Samay says it is an attempt to save one self, once mask is out, she will get back her friend and he will get back his love, looking at Maya’s photo in his mobile.

Arjun stands outside Saanjh’s apartment buidling and feels guilty for being rude with her. He thinks whole world changed, but she did not, even now she can read her duffer’s eyes, why did she leave hi, she cannot return though as he will not let in the dirt he is in. Maya spoilt his life, but he will not let her spoil Saanjh’s life. Sanjh senses Arjun’s presence, gets up and peeps from her window and sees his car. Arjun this once upon a time, he had love in one hand and friendship in another, but today both his hands are empty. Saanjh comes and holds his hand.

Maya lets Samay tortured by police on allegation of theft. She says he is punished for theft and he will not reach till betrayal punishment. Samay says he loves her a lot. Maya says only her love can be beyhadh and signals inspector to torture him more.


Beyhadh 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Samay meets Maya. She pushes him in dickie and speeds car. He falls from dickie. She points gun on him.

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