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Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Maya with Arjun and Saanjh goes to police station and complains inspector that her mother/Jahnvi is missing. Inspector says forgot about Jahnvi, he found who murdered Ashwin. He shows handcuffs to Arjun and says he murdered Aswin. Saanjh says he cannot arrest Arjun without any proof. Inspector says Arjun had gone to Ashwin’s house and hand cuffs Arjun.

Saanjh calls Ayan and informs that inspector has arrested Arjun in Ashwin’s murder charges and asks him not to inform Vandana and to come over silently. Vandana asks whose call it was. Ayan says nothing. She insists. He says Saanjh called and informed that inspector arrested Arjun on Ashwin’s murder charges. Vadana panics that she knew this would have happen, Maay has completely trapped Arjun. She made a murder and trapped Arjun into it. Ayan says she is thinking wrong. Vandana continues shouting and says Maya changed suddenly and it is impossible,, she is acting…Her shouting and drama continues.

Prem gets worried for Saanjh. Shubh says he should trust his daughter and stand behind her, his daughter needs a super hero father who can tell inspector and whole world that he is behind her daughter. Prem asks if he trusts his sister Shubh says he trust Saanjh lawyer who knows her job.

Saanjh takes Arjun aside and speaks. Arjun says she knows Jahnvi iss murderer. Saanjh says Jahnvi is left handed and murderer is right handed, she investigated since 2 days. Inspector comes and drags Arjun. Saanjh says she wants to speak to Arjun. Inspector says she can and he will give her some proof. He shows sherwani’s cloth piece and says it is found in Ashwin’s house and even CCTV cameras captured Arjun there. He then dorns cap on Arjun’s head, reminds he dorned it before also and says he did it to get Arjun’s hair for DNA test.

Vandana enters and shouts at Maya that she did what she wanted, she murdered Ashwi and trapped Arjun in it. She continues shouting and yelling. Arjun stops her and says she cannot allege Maya like this. Inspector says let him watch saas bahu drama. He drags Arjun and opens cell door kicking it. Saanjh says she will get Arjun’s bail. Inspector says she can, but Arjun will be with him till then. Maya stops him and warns if he arrests Arjun, she will do one more murder. She murdered Ashwin earlier and now will murder inspector. Saanjh asks why is she taking blame. Maya says she is the real murderer.


Beyhadh 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector tells Maya that her mother tried to suicide again and before leaving left a note that she murdered Ashwin.

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