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Beyhadh 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 4th April 2017 watch online on

Maya wakes up in the morning and does not see Arjun. She checks all CCTV cameras fixed in home, but does not find Arjun and panics. Arjun comes and hugs her from behind. She asks where was he, he took her breath out. He says he was testing her. She asks to lift her and take to bed. He does. She silently messages Samay to meet him. Samay receives message and gets very happy. Saanjh says he seems very happy. He says his meeting with client is fixed, he was waiting for the meeting since 8 years. She asks if he knows route. He says one determined to reach destiny will find route automatically. Once he leaves, Saanjh calls Ayan and says they are going somewhere.

Saanjh takes Ayan to a hotel. He jokes that he is better looking than Samay and is tolerating her since childhood. She says shut up. Arjun is already waiting for them and thanks Maya for calling Ayan here. Saanjh reminisces confronting Arjun yesterday night that he is not happy. He says he is. She shows drawing of Maya as witch and hanging her and asks then what is this. Ayan shouts she brought him for this. His and Arjun’s argument starts. Saanjh pushes them in swimming pool.

Maya meets Samay at a restaurant. Samay requests her to return to him as Arjun does not care about her at all. She asks why did he come to Arjun’s office. He says it is her office. She says she is Arjun’s, everything is his. He continues trying to convince her. She walks out. He walks behind her. She kicks him in his groin and pushes him in her car dickie and speeds car away. He pleads to stop car.

Ayan and Arjun’s fight starts in swimming pool. Ayan punches Arjun and Arjun tears his t-shirt. Saanjh says go to hell and leaves. Ayan informs Arjun about the incident when he/Maya threw all the gifts and refused to meet him and mom. Arjun takes blame on him and says he was angry and apologizes. They patch up. Saanjh brings vada pav for them and says they are vada pav and she is chutney, without her, they are tasteless. Arjun jokes she comes for free. They all 3 laugh.

Samay jumps out of car dickie. Maya rash drives car around him and he tries to save himself. She gets out of car and points gun on him.


Beyhadh 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya in flight calls Arjun and asks where is he. He says is busy in work. Ayan speaks. Arjun shuts his mouth and tells Maya that he cannot hear anything, she should call after her journey. Maya fumes hearing Ayan’s voice.

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