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Beyhadh 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Inspector wakes up Arjun and says he is arresting him for murdering his wife. Arjun says he did not kill his wife. Inspector shows Maya’s dead boy and asks what is then. Arjun reminisces Maya’s words. Saanjh enters with Ayan and is shocked to see Maya’s dead body. She asks Arjun if he killed Maya. Arjun says he does not remember anything. Constable brings Jahnvi from her room and says someone had locked her in room. Jahnvi presses buzzer seeing Maya’s dead body. Inspector slaps Arjun. A woman enters and shouts at Arjun he really killed Maya. She met Maya last night and she was very upset and said Arjun will kill her, told Arjun wanted child and now he will kill her. Saanjh asks who is she, she did not see her till now. Woman says how can she see her, she always looks at Arjun. She says she is Maya’s neighbor since 4 years and has seen Arjun torturing Maya repeatedly. Even last night, he had come heavily inebriated and clashed with her in lift. She then heard him shouting at Maya that he will kill her.

Woman continues alleging Arjun and holds his collar. Constable stops her. Watchman entes and says Swati madam is telling truth and tells last night Maya anxiously informed him not to let anyone in, not even Arjun. Arjun came heavily inebriated and tried to walk in and when he stopped him, he broke his hand. Ayan says his brother is innocent and Maya can do anything. Another inspector comes and says he has a proof against Arjun and shows Arjun’s passport, some money and jewelry and says Arjun wanted to fly out of India. Ayan continues that his brother is innocent. Inspector asks to seal this place and drags Arjun out.

Forensic team collects evidence and sends Maya’s dead body for postmortem. Doctor examines her dead body and says she is strangulated and there are a lot of injures on whole body. She is then kept in morgue ice box. Tujhe pyar karte karte…song…plays in the background.. Arjun is dragged out by police. Reporters throng him and ask why did he kill his wife. Saanjh comes to his rescue and says he did not. Reporter asks if her profession to protect culprits like she protected Ayan. Saanjh says Ayan did not rape Maya. Reporter says just like Arjun did not kill Maya. Arjun is taken to police station. Ayan continues that his brother is innocent and Maya must have planned all this. Arjun reminisces beating Maya and says his brother has killed Maya and she made him a murderer. He continues panicking that Maya told she will not leave him even after death and she is continuing her revenge and made him a murderer. At hospital, ice box is opened and Maya’s dead body is shown. Tujhe pyar karte karte…song…continues..


Beyhadh 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saanjh asks Arjun why did he kill Maya when she gave him promise not to. Arjun says Maya was counting all her sins and even threatened to kill Ayan and Saanjh. Saanjh thinks Maya was provoking him to kill her, there is some big secret behind this.