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Beyhadh 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Arjun points gun at Maya and pins her to wall. She smiles and asks to save his life. He calls Ayan and asks where is Saanjh. Ayan says Saanjh saw maya’s message and is coming to garbha venue. Arjun calls Saanjh next, but she does not pick call. A speeding truck heads towards Saanjh’s car and she escapes at the nick of time. Arjun turns and sees Maya missing. Saanjh picks call. Arjun scolds why did not she pick call. Saanjh asks why did not he inform that Maya has returned. Arjun says Maya threatened to kill her and escaped. Saanjh says Maya will play emotional game as usual. Arjun says Maya asked to save his life, his life is Arohi, they should rush to Arohi’s school.

Arjun with Ayan reaches Arohi’s school. Saanjh joins them. They search Arohi and find her unconscious on floor with froth in mouth. They see choc nearby. Ayan stands in a shock. Arjun lifts Arohi and rushes her to hospital. Doc checks and says looks like she is poisoned and takes her into ICU. Suman and Jahnvi reach hospital and ask what happened to Arohi. Ayan says Maya.. Jahnvi reminisces Maya challenging her that she will be around her always and also not around, she will be in her breaths, etc…She asks Arjun why did not he inform that Maya has returned. Doc sees Arohi’s condition deteriorating and comes out to take sign on consent form before procedure. He asks father to sign. Arjun walks towards doc. Ayan says he is Arohi’s father.

Ayan confronts Arjun that he is obsessed with Maya instead of obsessed with him, so he did not seek police help when they found poison in choc machine and then Maya’s clue. He risked Arohi’s life, now he will not let Arohi with him and Saanjh. Arjun confronts where was he when he disowned Arohi for 3 months and blamed her for Simmi’s death, he was heavily inebriated when Saanjh took care of Arohi. Ayan warns Arjun if something happens to Arohi, he will not spare him. Arjun holds collar. Saanjh, Jhanvi, and Suman stop their fight.

Maya walks into hospital and enters changing room and wears nurse’s dress and fills poison in injection. She tells injection that she just have to wait for a few minutes. She walks towards OT holding medicine box. Box falls down in front of Arjun’s family. She picks it nervously. Jahni watches her carefully. She walks towards OT when Arjun stops her.


Beyhadh 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya picks poisonous injection. Doc asks her to give injection. She gives and Arohi stops breathing. Doc informs Arjun that he tried his best, but medicines did not work on Arohi.

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