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Beyhadh 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Maya points gun at Samay and tells Arjun is her life and nobody can dare to badmouth about him, it is only him in her life now and nobody else. Samay reaches home injured. Suman applies medicine to his forehead injury and asks for which girl he fought and got trashed. He says there is one for whom he can even consume poison, reminiscing Maya. Everyone look in a shock. He changes tone and says it is Saanjh.

Maya travels towards airport for London business trip. She calls Arjun and asks when is he coming. He says he is stuck in work and will join her directly in flight. Maya boards flight and calls Arjun repeatedly.

Saanjh’s family continues enjoying when Ayan starts dancing on Arey o janeman…aaj jumma hai..He drags his fiance and dances. Samay joins and he dances with Saanjh. Whole family joins. Vandana gets happy seeing Ayan dancing with bahu. Arjun enters and starts dancing in front of Vandana. She gets very emotional but gives him a tight slap. He falls down. Vandana hugs him tightly and cries that her son returned home. Whole family hugs them. Samay fumes standing aside. Vandana asks where is Maya. Arjun says Maya went far away from them, 3 days to London. Samay thinks he came here for Maya, how can she go away from him.

Maya calls Arjun repeatedly. Vadana says his phone is ringing. He goes aside. Maya nervously waits for Arjun to pick call. Arjun picks and Maya asks where is he. He says where he has to be, he means office, sorry he could not come and he is sure she will handle shoot well. Ayan comes calling bhai.. Arjun shuts his mouth and says happy journey. Maya panics hearing Ayan’s voice. Air hostess ask Maya to keep her phone as flight is taking off. She shouts she will not go without Arjun. They forcefully take her phone. She fumes sitting, reminiscing Arjun with Ayan. Ayan asks Arjun what if bhabhi will know. He says she has gone to London for 3 days.

Arjun joins back family and asks Vandana to serve him aloo paranthas, he is very hungry. Vandana prepares paranthas happily looking at Arjun. Whole family enjoys.

Arjun and Ayan go to their favorite spot, terrace and continue their party. Ayan gets old liquor bottle. Arjun says he has kept it since 3 years. Ayan says Simmi and he drink here hiding from mom, Simmi is big bevdi. Arjun says Simmi will get along well with their family. Ayan says this is his place and he is with his people, so he can pour his heart out. Arjun starts that he hit his legs on axe himself. He loved Maya and knew she will never leave. She is so possessive that she took him away from his family, spies him wherever he goes, does not spare even in bathroom and he is afraid even to pee. He continues pouring his heart out and Ayan continues listening silently.


Beyhadh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun with family rushes out hearing emergency siren. Saanjh says police siren, who is VIP in our house. Nurses open ambulance door and everyone are shocked to see Maya on stretcher with oxygen mask on.