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Beyhadh 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Vandana enters Suman’s room and says it is good she is removing all colors from her life. Suman says this world does not let them forget rituals. Vandana reminisces that Prem went against rituals and sent Saanjh to London, considered son-in-law as son, eloped and married Suman. Prem would not have liked her living a colorless life. She gives colorful sari and says if she does not wear color again, what will Saanjh feel during her wedding.

Maya tries to pick gun from above cupboard with difficulty. Arjun enters and calls her. She slips. He holds her and asks what is she doing. She hides gun behind her and says trying to get something. He says what..She says kafan/death cloth. He asks what…He says clothes for thehir bandar. He says if she had asked him, he would have brought stars for her. She asks to get one star then. He nervously leaves. She looking at gun thinks it is time for Samay’s lesson.

Saanjh goes to a house and asks maid if Shipra is there. Maid tells her that Shipra is in mental asylum and tells her a story. Saanjh meets Shipra at a mental hospital. Shipra asks if Maya sent even her, she cannot help. Saanjh asks if she knows Samay. Shipra says no. Saanjh gets Samay’s call. Shipra asks who is he. Saanjh says her fiance Samay. Shipra says he is Rajeev Randhawa, she cannot forget him. He is Maya’s truth, he is the reason for her madness, Maya destroyed her.

Maya sitting on swinger reminisces meeting Samay/Rajeev and pleading him to help her, Ashwin wants to takeover her company, she needs just one chance to prove what Maya can do. Samay looks at her lustfully and says he is other company’s lawyer and cannot help her. She pleads to help her prove what she can do, whole world betrayed her, needs his help please… Samay wipes her tears. Maya asks if he will help her. He says of course, touching here face asks if she will help, to get something one has to pay. Maya gets nervously. He touches her lustfully and says he fell in her love since he saw her, he needs that payment. Out of flashback, Maya thinks he wanted payment, she paid it, now it is not easy to get away, throws gun.

Shipra says Ashwin had taken over company and wanted to kick out Maya, nobody was helping her, then Rajeev Randhawa came in her life. Saanjh walks out of hospital thinking she was not Rajeev’s destiny, Maya was.

Samay takes bath reminiscing Maya Maya hits ball with a bat reminiscing Samay. Samay gets ready. Maya also gets ready in black clothes. Samay laughs that he will get back his life finally, Maya I am coming… Maya I am coming… Maya I am coming.. Maya thinks respect is given, trust is built, loyalty is shown, if all 3 are lost, life is a prayer and she is coming to give prayers to Samay after which he will not be ready to accept any prayer.

Maya climbs stairs hlding bat and reaches her old studio. She calls Rajeev and switches on lights. Samay sitting on chair says Rajeev, a forgotten past, welcome Maya. Maya says past is returning. Samay says when past returns, that means something is wrong, she called Samay and even Rajeev. Maya says expecting a lot is foolishness, whether it is her or someone else. She continues that she wanted to play cricket in childhood, but life did not give her a chance, today there is a chance and desire. She beats Samay and says this is cover drive, this is sweep shot to kick ball out of boundary. She ccontinues beating him and he smiles. She holds hishair and says she does not her, but pities, how can he ask the love he does not deserve. He holds bat and says he is habituated to her love.

Precap: Samay holding bat says Maya that until she is his, he loves all her belongings, when love will die, even her child will die. He blows bat towards her tummy. She shouts no…