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Beyhadh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Beyhadh 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Arjun heavily inebriated continues pouring his heart out in front Ayan. He describes how psycho Maya controls his life completely and spies him even in washroom. Vandana comes with Saanjh. Arjun hides bottle and says he wanted to leave alcohol, but Ayan forced him today. Vandana beats them both. Arjun asks her to let it be. Ayan asks if he is changed like he did 3 years ago, he threw their gifts, etc. Ayan says me, then says it is an old incident. Vadana says she knew her son did not. He hugs her and says wherever his mother is, he cannot be alone. Ayan says he has to return to Maya anyways. Arjun says not at least for 3 days as she has gone to London.

They hear emergency siren. Saanjh says who is VIP here that they are hearing police siren. Ambulance comes and doctor over mic announces Arjun to come down wherever he is. They all go down. Doc says Maya got inured in flight and did not let any men touch her, not even doc, she is afraid that her husband does not like it. He scolds Arjun what kind of a man he is to torture his wife so much, what if something happens to Maya. Ayan says let her die. Arjun says he has to go now. Ayan says he will not let him go. Arjun says he has to and gets into ambulance and closes door. Ambulance starts. Ayan says he will not spare Maya today and will bring back bhai and leaves on his bike. Samay thinks he will not let anyone harm Maya, says he will go behind Ayan and leaves on his bike.

Maya gets up once ambulance moves and reminisces how she forcefully tried to get her lugguage out and self-inflected injury on her forehead and acted as collapsing. Arjun is shocked and asks driver to stop vehicle. Maya yells he cannot go back to Saanjh ditching her. He says he went to attend Ayan’s engagement and not meet Saanjh. His love for Maya has vanished in 3 years, insists to stop ambulance. Maya says without her permission it will not stop and asks driver to continue. Arjun insists. She gives him injection and he collapses. She panics and cries sorry baby, orders driver to take van to her home. Ayan follows van.

Maya takes Arjun home on stretcher. Jahnvi is shocked seeing it. Maya orders peons to drop Arjun on his bed. Jahnvi presses alarm. Maya shouts why she presses siren all the time, if she cannot sit silently, can’t she see Arjun is sleeping. She continues yelling at Jahnvi, gets emotional, then shouts again and pushes her into her room.

Ayan reaches outside Maya’s apartment. Saanjh calls him and asks where is he. He says outside Maya’s apartment, he will do something now that Maya will not raise her head again.


Beyhadh 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Ayan tells Saanjh that today he will do something that Maya will not raise her eyes again. He tears Maya’s clothes.